New Call of Duty PS4 Beta

by Willon 08/17/2017
I have always said when the new Call of Duty game comes out that “This is the one I’m going to get back in to”.  But they come and go and I still haven’t bought one since Modern Warfare.  I think it’s just the hype that they get and this weird reaction I have to […]

Multiple platforms, one game

by Willon 03/07/2017
This topic came up on one of my friends Facebook feeds the other day when he was talking about wanting to play through Mass Effect again on PC to check out some of the mods that are available.  Turns out that he already owns but to repurchase all of the games and DLC it would […]

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

by Willon 01/23/2017
The year is 1996, my family and I were living out of a hotel of the small town in North Dakota we just moved to.  We were waiting to find a home to live, but wanted to get there before the school year started.  All of our stuff was packed in boxes in a storage […]