RPG #15 – Look Who’s Talking Again!

by Willon 10/12/2017
Well it’s been a month or so but I finally got everything under control. I’m back at it and hopefully can keep at it for the foreseeable future.  This week I talk about why I’ve been absent, what I did to come back, what’s new for the site, and the new game I am working […]

RPG #14 – Too Many Updates

by Willon 09/07/2017
What the frick is up my fellow asshats!  Today I am super excited, not because there is a new RPG out, but because this morning I have just about finished the GUI for Drop Spin.  Just a little mini update in here for ya!! This RPG I talk about politics for the first 10 or […]

RPG #13 – Smart Things and Dumb Me

by Willon 09/01/2017
This week I talk about setting up Smart Things while being a bit dumb, some news I found interesting, and a whole bunch of things that pop into my head. There may or may not be a special guest today as my daughter was running around and interrupted me a few times.  I can’t remember […]

FPS Monday Update 8/28

by Willon 08/28/2017
Well hello there all you crazy people!  Another week down the drain and stomped in the gutter.  This brings another week of stupid shit from a dank hole in the internet.  This week we have some good content coming out.  Getting really ramped up on the content creation (read: game videos) and can’t wait to […]

RPG #12 – Oh Microcenter

by Willon 08/24/2017
Another hour of me rambling on. This time I talk less about news worthy things and more about what happened to me over the long weekend I had.  It seems like when I go out and interact with people I always have a ridiculous story and this time was no different. Microcenter seems to be […]

RPG #10 – Independent

by Willon 08/10/2017
Hey Everyone!  Looks like I finally made it to the double digits!  it might take a while, but I’m going to shoot for triple digits 🙂  I guess that’s not really a goal but hoping I can keep this up for another year and a half!! So this week I ramble about Drop Spin and […]

#3 Keeping on Track

by Willon 04/20/2017
Hey look at this, three weeks in a row and I’m still doing this! Hopefully your week is awesome! This week I try to keep on track with talking about some graphics cards, I fix how to create and maintain a recipe site, and just all the things I think I need to talk about […]