Playing with Myself | Die Young #06 | Back to the Beach House

by Willon 10/17/2017
So I’m still going at this game, which isn’t a bad thing at all.  I think I’m making some headway though, I mean i have too right?  This episode I go get the canteen, I get chased around a bit by the Executioner dude, and ultimately I get back to the beach house.  I realized […]

Playing with Myself | 7 Days to Die #001 | Getting to the trader

by Willon 10/16/2017
Here is the first in hopefully many more to come of me playing 7 days to die.  I’ve loved this game for a while, just never got the chance to play it for a while.  I would start and eventually have to update the game and my world would need to start over.  I have […]

Playing with Myself | MineCraft Sky Factory #001

by Willon 10/13/2017
Here we are again, a full week of posting and I have to finish it with some Minecraft Sky Factory.  Sky Factory is a mod pack that is a “world building” basically trying to make an entire game from a single tree and some dirt.  I’ve seen some people play this before and I really […]

Playing with Myself | Die Young #5

by Willon 10/10/2017
Well hello there everyone, didn’t see you creep back over.  While you’re here why don’t you watch me play with myself…. Ok, that’s a bit creepy!  Anyway, why not just watch the video 🙂 In this one I finally get up the tower, now I have to get back down, just riveting!  I’m gonna release […]