Drop Spin Update – Now with Animations

by Willon 08/04/2017
Hey Everyone! I missed last week, but it was because I didn’t have something I wanted to show and I don’t want to get in the habit of showing something off just to do so.  So I just got done with some Animations which took a lot longer than I wanted to but that seems […]

#6 – Do Mental Things

by Willon 05/11/2017
Heyo!  This week I ramble on about brewing a beer with a bud, Free Comic Book Day, May 4th/6th, as well as an update to my game and I touch on a touchy subject with Microsoft.

Alpha Bits #1: Preview – Hello Neighbor Update 2

by Willon 05/02/2017
It is time to say goodbye to Hello Neighbor and go on to the next Alpha game.  Apparently these guys don’t want me to buy their alpha, because the process is really weird.  I went to go purchase it on the site, which then brought me to Humble Bundle, which then needed my Amazon Credentials […]

Update Alpha 0.01 – Name and UI

by Willon 02/16/2017
Hey Everyone! Just a quick update as to what is going on with my game, Project Phantasm. I’ve finished basic movement (not going to use teleportation) and now I think I’m going to work on the UI framework.  Like I have said before I really haven’t made a published game so I didn’t know where […]

New Project

by Willon 01/28/2017
I have been trying to make an indie game for the better part of 6 years now.  I have made many, many playable games but just have never released any.  I have learned a lot about the game engine I use, Unity, as well as the entire game pipeline.  From texturing to animation to physics […]