FPS Tuesday Update 8/14

by Willon 08/22/2017
I know what you’re thinking and have been losing your mind all weekend. Where was all the streaming this weekend? Where was the Monday Update? Where was the Friday Game Update? Well I think you will find the answers to all your sleepless nights below. So Friday didn’t get an update, because there is no […]

RPG #10 – Independent

by Willon 08/10/2017
Hey Everyone!  Looks like I finally made it to the double digits!  it might take a while, but I’m going to shoot for triple digits 🙂  I guess that’s not really a goal but hoping I can keep this up for another year and a half!! So this week I ramble about Drop Spin and […]

Stream Update 8/1

by Willon 08/01/2017
Not too big of an article today, but just wanted to talk through some of the design decisions I made as well as the overall wire frame of the app.  So again the reason why I am doing this is to learn a little more about React.js as well as how to build a web […]

FPS Monday Update

by Willon 07/31/2017
Not much happened to the site as a whole over the weekend.  I didn’t get that game stopping bug fixed in my game until this morning so I won’t be able to have a new Alpha version out until this Friday.  I just need to do a couple more animations and some prettying up and […]

#7 – Parrots Rule the World Part 2

by Willon 05/18/2017
So another Thursday, another hour of me thinking out loud.  Hopefully there are some things in here that you can relate to.  This week I talk about state laws, Microsoft Build, E-sports, and the problem with Parrots in Minecraft. After some editing I was forced to split the files of this podcast.  Episode 1 can […]

Alpha Bits – #1.1 Die Young Preview

by Willon 05/08/2017
Hey all you crazy people!  Today we take another look at our first episode of Alpha bits, for the first time… As you may recall last time the game did not really cooperate with me and Hello Neighbor really didn’t want my money so I’ll try again later.  For now I am moving on to […]

#5 – Running long and kinda strong

by Willon 05/05/2017
Hey again!  Looky looky who is late again with putting this out…. So this episode I talk about YouTube, 7 Days to Die, but most importantly I talk about the Microsoft Event that happened on Tuesday. If you wanna watch the presentation go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64mcUrTstTw  

#4 – Contradiction

by Willon 04/28/2017
Well just a week in and I’m already late for a podcast, and a video. Not too good of a start, but better late than never. Hopefully in the coming days I can get a process so this doesn’t happen again. This week I talk about the rumored SNES release, Fast and the Furious, and […]

Legend of Zelda – OSTMonday

by Willon 03/06/2017
First off I would like to do some house cleaning.  OSTM is now OSTMonday.  The reason being is that I use #OSTM with my posts and I thought that would be a little unique.  It turns out there is another entity that uses that, the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM) and I feel we are […]

For Honor OST

by Willon 02/13/2017
UPDATE: Updated links below to add Google Play Music Album and correct Spotify link, before it was going to the released single. Now the album is released on Spotify. I was able to play the beta for this game on Saturday and let me tell you that the music is quite immersive!  Not only does […]