RPG #16 – Why So Serious

by Willon 10/19/2017
This week on the super serious, ultra positive RPG I talk about Harvey Weinstein, Nelly, and Jay and Silent Bob. I also talk about the future of some projects I am working on and some other stuff.  It’s all a blur, so just listen and you tell me how it went 🙂 As Always subscribe […]

RPG #15 – Look Who’s Talking Again!

by Willon 10/12/2017
Well it’s been a month or so but I finally got everything under control. I’m back at it and hopefully can keep at it for the foreseeable future.  This week I talk about why I’ve been absent, what I did to come back, what’s new for the site, and the new game I am working […]

RPG #12 – Oh Microcenter

by Willon 08/24/2017
Another hour of me rambling on. This time I talk less about news worthy things and more about what happened to me over the long weekend I had.  It seems like when I go out and interact with people I always have a ridiculous story and this time was no different. Microcenter seems to be […]

RPG #11 – Is Blizzard the Best Game Developer

by Willon 08/17/2017
Episode 11 is here and I talk about some pretty off topic things, but I do talk about the recent news that Blizzard has had the last week or so.  I don’t talk about it the full hour, so if you’re thinking this is going to be jam packed with Blizzard stroking, you’re wrong.  I […]

RPG #9 – Rogue AI

by Willon 08/03/2017
Well I didn’t get my new artwork up and going into this one so maybe I’ll remember to get it done by next week.   This week on the RPG I talk about how some articles are complete shit, like the ones talking about those Facebook AI.  I ramble on way too much about bitcoin, […]

RPG #8 – Accountability

by Willon 07/27/2017
Look at this, three in a row!  Today I babble on about Amiibo, talk a little about the stream app I want to make, and a little bit about everything.  It’s been a while so I ramble a lot :). I always struggled on what kind of Podcast this would be and I think I […]

#7 – Parrots Rule the World

by Willon 05/18/2017
So another Thursday, another hour of me thinking out loud. Hopefully there are a few things in here that you relate to. This week I talk about some state laws, Microsoft Build, E-sports, and the problem with Parrots in Minecraft.   After some post editing I realized I needed to split these into 2 files.  […]

#6 – Do Mental Things

by Willon 05/11/2017
Heyo!  This week I ramble on about brewing a beer with a bud, Free Comic Book Day, May 4th/6th, as well as an update to my game and I touch on a touchy subject with Microsoft.

#5 – Running long and kinda strong

by Willon 05/05/2017
Hey again!  Looky looky who is late again with putting this out…. So this episode I talk about YouTube, 7 Days to Die, but most importantly I talk about the Microsoft Event that happened on Tuesday. If you wanna watch the presentation go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64mcUrTstTw  

#4 – Contradiction

by Willon 04/28/2017
Well just a week in and I’m already late for a podcast, and a video. Not too good of a start, but better late than never. Hopefully in the coming days I can get a process so this doesn’t happen again. This week I talk about the rumored SNES release, Fast and the Furious, and […]