Are We Adult Enough for Adult Games

by Willon 11/10/2017
Last week or the week before Sony had their now annual Sony Experience.  In that event they released a bunch of new trailers for some games that are coming out, I think in both instances there was no release date announced.  Now if you don’t like watching trailers because they can spoil something, I’m gonna […]

RPG Show Notes: Uber Elevate

by Willon 11/09/2017
Flying Cars!  The Future has arrived! Ok well not flying cars, but the idea of small aircraft for travel is being proposed by Uber. Not the company I thought would be doing it, but hey as long as I can get from point A to point B in a couple minutes instead of hours, I’d […]

RPG Show Notes: Facebook and Revenge Porn

by Willon 11/09/2017
It turns out that dues are still doing the revenge porn thing… For anyone who doesn’t know, revenge porn is the act of sharing intimate media with the world without the other’s consent (usually the woman involved).  What is it with these boys that can’t get through there head that they shouldn’t be doing this?  […]

RPG #19 – Am I really going to end on that

by Willon 11/09/2017
Not a lot going on with me this week, so I try to talk about some stuff that has been going on in the tech world the last couple of weeks.  I get into Intel, AMD, and child abuse.  Should be fun! iTunes – Google Play –

RPG #18 – Computer Generated

by Willon 11/02/2017
Hey Everyone, it’s that time again where I babble on about stuff I do, I wanna do, and what I see in the world of tech and geekery. iTunes – Google Play –

RPG #17 – Nottingham

by Willon 10/26/2017
Hey everyone!  Back again this week with some more ramblings on.  I talk about a new site I want to build as well as I fix the whole internet. iTunes – Google Play –

RPG #16 – Why So Serious

by Willon 10/19/2017
This week on the super serious, ultra positive RPG I talk about Harvey Weinstein, Nelly, and Jay and Silent Bob. I also talk about the future of some projects I am working on and some other stuff.  It’s all a blur, so just listen and you tell me how it went 🙂 As Always subscribe […]

RPG #15 – Look Who’s Talking Again!

by Willon 10/12/2017
Well it’s been a month or so but I finally got everything under control. I’m back at it and hopefully can keep at it for the foreseeable future.  This week I talk about why I’ve been absent, what I did to come back, what’s new for the site, and the new game I am working […]

RPG #14 – Too Many Updates

by Willon 09/07/2017
What the frick is up my fellow asshats!  Today I am super excited, not because there is a new RPG out, but because this morning I have just about finished the GUI for Drop Spin.  Just a little mini update in here for ya!! This RPG I talk about politics for the first 10 or […]

RPG #13 – Smart Things and Dumb Me

by Willon 09/01/2017
This week I talk about setting up Smart Things while being a bit dumb, some news I found interesting, and a whole bunch of things that pop into my head. There may or may not be a special guest today as my daughter was running around and interrupted me a few times.  I can’t remember […]