Where have I been 2

by Willon 06/08/2017
So here I am again, in the same boat I was a couple months ago. So what happened? Well life happened.  I just was taking too much of my free time working on this site, my game, and other content that I couldn’t do anything else I wanted to.  That or I couldn’t/didn’t meet deadlines […]

Multiple platforms, one game

by Willon 03/07/2017
This topic came up on one of my friends Facebook feeds the other day when he was talking about wanting to play through Mass Effect again on PC to check out some of the mods that are available.  Turns out that he already owns but to repurchase all of the games and DLC it would […]

Season Passes – The Way they Should Be

by Willon 02/28/2017
I suppose we can get this out of the way.  I don’t really care that much for season passes.  I have only bought 2, and I feel it was more because they came with a collector’s edition.  One for Borderlands 2, and the other was Destiny.  Anyway I think they are a waste of money, […]

Digital or Physical

by Willon 02/08/2017
Ever since the Xbox One was announced and they said it was going to be digital only I have been really excited to finally get rid of my physical disc collection.  My music collection has been this way for quite a while now and I am just getting all of my movies in the cloud […]

Pixel Perfect

by Willon 01/28/2017
Let me start off by saying this is not a review of the Google Pixel, rather this is an examination of a huge flaw that the Pixel has that I have yet to see anyone looking at, and it isn’t an obscure thing to be using either. This also reminded me of this problem when […]

Friday the 13th on Thursday the 19th

by Willon 01/18/2017
UPDATE: The Co-creator of “Friday the 13th” pointed out that I was wrong on the release announcement of “Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp”.  It was on Oct 31, 2014 instead of what I wrote saying it was announced May 2015.  As he pointed out it was literally the 2nd thing on the Google search of […]

Friday 13th on Saturday 14th

by Willon 01/13/2017
With all of the talk today about it being Friday the 13th I figured I would do my bit into latching on to the “Holiday”.  Today I want to talk about the new game that is coming out this summer, or if they were really smart October Friday 13th (I think the movie comes out that […]