Android O – Pixel Release

by Willon 08/14/2017
Well I knew getting a Pixel I would finally be able to cut the shit when it comes to getting a new release of Android.  I was on a Asus Zenfone last year and I think they just got to M before I got to the Pixel that had N on it.  So it was […]

New Colors for Razer

by Willon 08/09/2017
Razer is know for putting 16 million different colors of light throughout their products, but if you wanted something a little less sparkly goth looking you had to settle for black.  Not anymore! Razer announced yesterday that they are making their products in Gunmetal (grey) and Mercury (white). I personally like my keyboards and peripherals […]

Xbox Fluent Design

by Willon 08/08/2017
So it looks like yesterday the people who can participate in something Microsoft calls the “Alpha Ring” can take a look at the new Fluent Design.  Fluent design is basically a replacement to Metro UI that was introduced with Windows 8 (might be wrong on that, can’t really remember 7) to kind of give the […]

Destiny 2 Will Limit Capture and Audio Software, Not Block

by Willon 08/07/2017
Holy crap!  Click bait is really the thing in this industry isn’t it.  So far I’ve read about 4 articles that say that Bungie’s newest title will BLOCK capture software (like OBS or Fraps) or audio software (Mumble or Discord).  This would mean that people wouldn’t be able to record their gameplay or talk to […]

Lego Ideas

by Willon 03/01/2017
  Lego has announced their 2nd quarter 2016 Lego Idea finalists, along with which one is going to be released as a set.  For a little background, Lego has a submission process to have an idea made into a Lego set called Lego Ideas.  Basically you just make the build, submit it, and if it […]

Xbox Game Pass

by Willon 02/28/2017
[Update] Looks like the original news article says how much it is.  [Original below] So today Microsoft announced a thing called Xbox Game Pass.  This is essentially a Netflix like subscription service that will allow anyone, regardless if you have Xbox Live Gold or not, to pay for a monthly fee for a games service. […]