Drop Spin Update – Power Ups

by Willon 08/11/2017
I figured I would do a super quick update, not to just post something but I figured if I keep making updates that means that I’ll keep pushing myself to try and do new things so I have something to talk about for a couple minutes. This week I mulled around how to implement the […]

Stream Update 8/8

by Willon 08/08/2017
First off I would like to say that React is a very interesting take on web development. I have only worked in a couple different environments, but I like what I am learning so far. I really don’t have anything to show off today, but still wanted to make an article because I wanted to […]

Drop Spin Update – Now with Animations

by Willon 08/04/2017
Hey Everyone! I missed last week, but it was because I didn’t have something I wanted to show and I don’t want to get in the habit of showing something off just to do so.  So I just got done with some Animations which took a lot longer than I wanted to but that seems […]

Drop Spin: Alpha Feedback

by Willon 06/26/2017
Hello all you crazy people! Just got done reading through all the feedback I got on Drop Spin and would like to address some of it publically. One critique I got a lot was that the mechanic was hard to observe, even with the video tutorial.  I know it is a little tricky, but when […]

Drop Spin Alpha

by Willon 06/23/2017
This isn’t the grand thing I wanted to put out for my first game, but you need to start somewhere.  Even if this thing isn’t too fun I am still going to release it.  I feel I need to get over that hump of release, plus then I can actually call myself a game designer! […]

Update Alpha 0.01 – Name and UI

by Willon 02/16/2017
Hey Everyone! Just a quick update as to what is going on with my game, Project Phantasm. I’ve finished basic movement (not going to use teleportation) and now I think I’m going to work on the UI framework.  Like I have said before I really haven’t made a published game so I didn’t know where […]

New Project

by Willon 01/28/2017
I have been trying to make an indie game for the better part of 6 years now.  I have made many, many playable games but just have never released any.  I have learned a lot about the game engine I use, Unity, as well as the entire game pipeline.  From texturing to animation to physics […]