New Call of Duty PS4 Beta

by Willon 08/17/2017
I have always said when the new Call of Duty game comes out that “This is the one I’m going to get back in to”.  But they come and go and I still haven’t bought one since Modern Warfare.  I think it’s just the hype that they get and this weird reaction I have to […]

All Controller

by Willon 08/15/2017
I have always subscribed to the fact that there needs to be a controller that will work on at least 75% of my crap.  I get that with the Xbox One S Controller.  It works on my Xbox (duh), PC, and Android Phone via Bluetooth.  It also can (i’m assuming) work on iOS because of […]

Android O – Pixel Release

by Willon 08/14/2017
Well I knew getting a Pixel I would finally be able to cut the shit when it comes to getting a new release of Android.  I was on a Asus Zenfone last year and I think they just got to M before I got to the Pixel that had N on it.  So it was […]

FPS Monday Update 8/14

by Willon 08/14/2017
Well another week and another Monday Update! Looks like I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to this weekend because I finished up a home project. So still doing content day by day, but I’ll be trying to get it started to be a week in advance soon.  This week is a little […]

Do your research – Facebook AI

by Willon 08/09/2017
So this isn’t exclusive to tech news, but I have started to see a lot of this lately where websites will run an article and not really explain what is going on and doing a bunch of fear mongering.  Just with the times I guess… I addressed this a little on my podcast on Thursday, […]

Stream Update 8/8

by Willon 08/08/2017
First off I would like to say that React is a very interesting take on web development. I have only worked in a couple different environments, but I like what I am learning so far. I really don’t have anything to show off today, but still wanted to make an article because I wanted to […]

FPS Monday Update 8/7

by Willon 08/07/2017
Well it has been a kind of dreary weekend here in St Paul, MN this weekend so instead of going outside and doing things I decided to stay inside and work on things that are not in front of my computer.  That means that I have a couple updates to throw at you this weekend, […]

Web App Idea

by Willon 07/25/2017
So I want to address something first.  I know I come up with many ideas.  I know I say “I have a new project” often.  I like to learn and try new things.  Once I realize that it won’t work, or it fails to solve a problem I have then I basically abandon it.  Look […]

FPS Monday Update

by Willon 07/24/2017
Heyo! Wanted to start doing a weekly update so I could keep myself accountable, and to keep the site relevant to myself.  I have been lacking posting the last couple of weeks, but that is because I have been doing way too much other things.  Summer is super hard to just code because we want […]

Where have I been?

by Willon 03/30/2017
So its been a while since I wrote anything or did any game development.  Just had some things going on at home that made it pretty hard to squeeze this in.  My wife and I redid our kitchen and are still in the process, but now I don’t have to do plumbing, electrical or sheet […]