Next Project – Details

by Willon 10/16/2017
First of all I don’t want to talk about the main mechanic of my new game until I get it implemented and basically almost done. The real reason is, I just don’t want anyone to steal it. With the world that we live in today, idea theft is a serious thing that happens.  I don’t […]

Aaaaaaaaand I’m Back!!

by Willon 10/08/2017
What the hell is going on peoples! I’m back in a good way, with sort of bad news. First of all let’s talk about the reason I left.  I was really starting to slip on my health and I needed to get into a routine to help that through.  With some Dr. visits, help from […]

Tuesday Update 9/12

by Willon 09/12/2017
Last weekend was a really emotional weekend as well as an eye opener for me.  It was emotional because I traveled back to where I grew up to hang out with old friends. Not because we planned it, but because my best friend’s mother passed.  We laughed, and cried the whole weekend.  Shared stories of […]

Bourn Update 9/8

by Willon 09/08/2017
One thing I never quite explained all too much is the name.  Why call it Bourn.  Well Bourne Identity is one of my favorite movies so there is that… But seriously here is why.  According to bourn is a small stream that occurs intermittently or seasonally. It also mean “A destination or Goal”  So […]

FPS Tuesday Update 9/5

by Willon 09/05/2017
Well I thought today was Monday, but the rest of the world seems to differ from that so I must conform to them…. So here we are with the Tuesday Weekly Update! Last week was pretty good for me as being productive and making sure that everything got released, I slipped on some of the […]

React, Suing, and You

by Willon 08/29/2017
I have been googling a lot of React stuff lately to try and develop my Bourn app, and Google does this thing where it shows you articles about the crap you search. So I got an article that was titled something like “Don’t use React until you read this!”, total click bait. So I clicked… […]

FPS Monday Update 8/28

by Willon 08/28/2017
Well hello there all you crazy people!  Another week down the drain and stomped in the gutter.  This brings another week of stupid shit from a dank hole in the internet.  This week we have some good content coming out.  Getting really ramped up on the content creation (read: game videos) and can’t wait to […]

New Call of Duty PS4 Beta

by Willon 08/17/2017
I have always said when the new Call of Duty game comes out that “This is the one I’m going to get back in to”.  But they come and go and I still haven’t bought one since Modern Warfare.  I think it’s just the hype that they get and this weird reaction I have to […]

All Controller

by Willon 08/15/2017
I have always subscribed to the fact that there needs to be a controller that will work on at least 75% of my crap.  I get that with the Xbox One S Controller.  It works on my Xbox (duh), PC, and Android Phone via Bluetooth.  It also can (i’m assuming) work on iOS because of […]

Android O – Pixel Release

by Willon 08/14/2017
Well I knew getting a Pixel I would finally be able to cut the shit when it comes to getting a new release of Android.  I was on a Asus Zenfone last year and I think they just got to M before I got to the Pixel that had N on it.  So it was […]