Aaaaaaaaand I’m Back!!

by on 10/08/2017

What the hell is going on peoples! I’m back in a good way, with sort of bad news. First of all let’s talk about the reason I left.  I was really starting to slip on my health and I needed to get into a routine to help that through.  With some Dr. visits, help from my wife, and the constant reminder from my daughter that I can’t keep up with her, I have lost 20lbs in September!!

Now I know that it could be water weight, and there are a bunch of other factors as to why I lost so much my first month dieting, but I don’t care! 20lbs is still 20lbs…  I’m starting to fit in my old cloths, and I feel great!  I don’t have to keep a constant stream of antacids next to me, and I’m genuinely happier with life.  Hopefully within the next year or this time next year I could be down to where I want to be losing another 70 lbs. I know it will be a long road, but I’m all for it.  I feel like this as I did when I finally quit smoking a few years ago. I’ve tried to lose weight off and on for a good 4 years, but never stuck with it.  I did the same for smoking.  I’d try to quit at least once a month if not once a week, but never stuck it out.  When I moved to Minneapolis after graduating, I felt I needed to pick a road.  One road was to being a smoker and owning up to in.  No more sneaking around and having one behind my wife’s back, or lying why I smell like smoke to her and truly accepting the health problems I was going to have later on down the road.  The other road was to be a non-smoker, which was the harder choice in the short run but obviously it was the better decision.  I felt something when I made that decision, don’t know what it was but it felt final…. Now I feel the same way about the choice I made here. Either I could accept the fact that I was obese and accept that was my lifestyle with the agreement that I would have health problems down the road, or accept the fact that I need to lose weight and it is going to take a lot of work, but the payoff is 1000 time better than what is going on now.

So for the first month I just watched my calories, cut back to only 1 ginger ale per day, I don’t have extra sweets or anything… You know the drill.  And 20 lbs just came off.  I haven’t been to the gym yet and I assume as soon as I go I will start to level off on losing just because I will be gaining muscle again as well.  I am going to start that next week and we’ll see what I have to say about it then. Right now though, I feel good and I’m starting to get more confident also which comes with the weight lose.

Now on to the sort of bad news.  The other reason I stopped posting and updating was because I didn’t think I was going to get my game done by October. So I put all my free time into building the game.  It’s done (even though it’s pretty crap) and I want to put it up on the Android Play Store but for some reason it won’t run on my phone.  The alpha one does, just not this one.  So there is some setting or something I changed that is making this thing not run and I need to figure it out.  The whole idea of making this game was so that I can “get over the hump” of not releasing one.  Now I made a game, but can’t release it.. So I feel a little bummed.  I’m going to try to rebuild the scene with default values and maybe reinstall all the android crap, but it was working before and now it’s not so I don’t know if it is because I upgraded to Android Oreo or what, but if I can’t figure it out tonight I have to move on. I’ll put it up on here just to show that I made something, but other than that I think that will be it.

So anyway I am done with that game and I think I will focus the rest of the month on Bourn to get it ready for “use” while I try to polish up the design document for my next game.  When I get that done I will announce the name and the overall story and gameplay, but not the main mechanic.  I feel it is a real good one and don’t want to give it away!

So thanks for bearing with me as I went through some much needed changes and I can’t wait to get back into this!

I have a new format I’m going to start doing, and hopefully a release schedule that is good for me and any future viewers/readers/fans to follow along with my probably 2 – 3 year journey of making my first “real” game. This is a game I have been thinking of making for quite some time, just didn’t know what the main “gimic” was going to be.  The other day it just came to me and I think no one has done anything like it before, which is rare in this day and age.  Also if someone has done it, Great! Something to improve on or at the least expand on! Either way it’s the game I want to make and that’s all that really matters.

So buckle up, this should be a crazy ride!

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