Playing with Myself | Die Young #06 | Back to the Beach House

by Willon 10/17/2017
So I’m still going at this game, which isn’t a bad thing at all.  I think I’m making some headway though, I mean i have too right?  This episode I go get the canteen, I get chased around a bit by the Executioner dude, and ultimately I get back to the beach house.  I realized […]

Playing with Myself | 7 Days to Die #001 | Getting to the trader

by Willon 10/16/2017
Here is the first in hopefully many more to come of me playing 7 days to die.  I’ve loved this game for a while, just never got the chance to play it for a while.  I would start and eventually have to update the game and my world would need to start over.  I have […]

Next Project – Details

by Willon 10/16/2017
First of all I don’t want to talk about the main mechanic of my new game until I get it implemented and basically almost done. The real reason is, I just don’t want anyone to steal it. With the world that we live in today, idea theft is a serious thing that happens.  I don’t […]

Playing with Myself | MineCraft Sky Factory #001

by Willon 10/13/2017
Here we are again, a full week of posting and I have to finish it with some Minecraft Sky Factory.  Sky Factory is a mod pack that is a “world building” basically trying to make an entire game from a single tree and some dirt.  I’ve seen some people play this before and I really […]

RPG #15 – Look Who’s Talking Again!

by Willon 10/12/2017
Well it’s been a month or so but I finally got everything under control. I’m back at it and hopefully can keep at it for the foreseeable future.  This week I talk about why I’ve been absent, what I did to come back, what’s new for the site, and the new game I am working […]

Playing with Myself | Outlast #1

by Willon 10/11/2017
It’s that time again for everyone to get into the mood to be scared.  Horror games are my favorite, so why not play one for the month of October… So I figured since Outlast 2 is out (for a while now) and I wanted to play that, might as well get the first one out […]

Playing with Myself | Die Young #5

by Willon 10/10/2017
Well hello there everyone, didn’t see you creep back over.  While you’re here why don’t you watch me play with myself…. Ok, that’s a bit creepy!  Anyway, why not just watch the video 🙂 In this one I finally get up the tower, now I have to get back down, just riveting!  I’m gonna release […]

Aaaaaaaaand I’m Back!!

by Willon 10/08/2017
What the hell is going on peoples! I’m back in a good way, with sort of bad news. First of all let’s talk about the reason I left.  I was really starting to slip on my health and I needed to get into a routine to help that through.  With some Dr. visits, help from […]