Bourn Update 9/8

by on 09/08/2017

One thing I never quite explained all too much is the name.  Why call it Bourn.  Well Bourne Identity is one of my favorite movies so there is that… But seriously here is why.  According to Dictionary.com bourn is a small stream that occurs intermittently or seasonally. It also mean “A destination or Goal”  So I figured that since this has to do with streaming and it is a goal to learn React as well as develop my own app I figured it made sense.  Plus I like it….  When I name things I usually look for some other meaning, and that shows in most of the things I create as well (Drop Spin is sort of the exception…).

Well looky looky what I got going on here! Well I guess I don’t have anything to show yet, but I got something to talk about. I got the basic look down of the app and it works great!  Basically it looks like this:

I have the Chat and Other Videos in a window that is dockable to the right and bottom of the screen.  The main video is kept within the bounds of the chat and views, but right now it does not resize the main video if you toggle them away.  I’m struggling with making these stay on the page and react to them opening and closing but that will come in a future update.

Basically all it does now is play back a previously recorded stream with 5 angles.  These angles are out of sync, but do play. That’s it… Not too much progress, but there is some!  The next thing I have to tackle will be moving the video from the bench and throw it up to the main.  Remember the goal of this was to be able to watch multiple streams at once and at a moments notice switch the main out with whatever view.  After that I have some interesting things to do before I show off an “Alpha” version of this app. Here is what I need to do.

  • Create a universal video controller so you can play, pause, control audio, etc. on all videos
  • Get some sort of Algorithm that will self sync audio so the videos are inline with each other
  • Have the main video grow and shrink when the Chat and Bench are toggled
  • Able to connect up a live stream and it will auto populate the cameras and connect up the chat.
  • Log in to Google so you can comment on the chat
  • Show all chat from all windows (can’t remember if they do this already, if they do that will be super easy!!)

From here I would go into more advanced features like saving videos to a database, implementing a director to auto change cuts based on user interactions, and other things like that. An idea I had the other day was to try to make this an app that someone can put on their own website to stream videos to.  So if a person wanted to get off of YouTube (say they make more on advertising and subscriptions on their own site or they decided to start making changes to the terms of YouTube and stopped paying you for whatever reason.) they could deploy this tool on their site and stream videos with multiple angles directly from there. There are so many variables to even begin thinking about this, but it would be a cool idea.  If anything I could just hook it up to my website and become a smaller YouTube just for streaming.  Anyway just blowing off ideas and blabbering….

So far I am liking React and how it works, understanding the views is super simple (for what I am doing) and it is really nice to just work on a stable platform.  Now I am by no stretch of the mind doing anything super difficult right now, but I feel like this will be easy to implement a back end to.  I work in .NET now at my current position and have used the Play! Framework in past projects and with my limited knowledge of those frameworks, this seems like it can be super easy to implement a web app.  Now I don’t really understand all that much how to put an app together, but dammit I’m gonna figure it out.

All in all I would say this is a pretty good experience.  I have been having a good time with it and can’t wait to tackle the problems as they show up. Hopefully soon (October) I can have something to show off that doesn’t look like complete trash 🙂

Fun Fact: Archaeologists have found evidence of man-made glass which dates back to 4000 BC; this took the form of glazes used for coating stone beads. It was not until 1500 BC that the first hollow glass container was made by covering a sand core with a layer of molten glass