Playing with Myself #4 – Die Young

by on 09/06/2017

Heyo world! This week I play with myself along the coast to try and climb the coastal tower. It takes longer than its supposed to but I don’t want to spoil anything but I get up there!  The fact that it takes me so long just reaffirms that I either need to play more games to try to get the subtle hints to go in the right direction, or the game maker needs to make it more obvious.  I think it is more on my fault…

Anyway you can catch it here and stay tuned next week as I continue Die Young!  Hopefully we can get it done in under 10 episodes, but we’ll see.  This is turning out to be a bigger game than I thought it was going to be.

Don’t forget to watch each video like a thousand times, and like at least once..