FPS Tuesday Update 9/5

by on 09/05/2017

Well I thought today was Monday, but the rest of the world seems to differ from that so I must conform to them…. So here we are with the Tuesday Weekly Update!

Last week was pretty good for me as being productive and making sure that everything got released, I slipped on some of the days things were supposed to be released on, but I had my daughter and she is higher priority than the site but I got through it.  I didn’t get a chance to post on Friday again because I really didn’t have an update, but this Friday there will be one! I have gotten a start on Bourn and I really have to say that I like React!  It is fun and easy to work with and I’m sure if I get into it more the framework will be powerful enough for me to do almost any front end things in it.  I hopefully can get this stood up in a couple weeks and be able to show something off that is usable.  Otherwise I will just get it to work and I’ll use it for a home project and a learning experience.

My game will take my full attention this week so where I am in Bourn will have to stay.  I am also not going to post any “extra” articles this week just to focus the most on the game. I want to be done by next week and have it submitted to the store and hopefully get approved by the end of the month.  1, I really want to be done with the game and 2, I really want to start the next one. So hopefully there is no more snags and I am able to make that work.

Here is the weeks upcoming schedule:

  • Wednesday – Play with Myself Episode 4
  • Thursday – RPG
  • Friday – Bourn Update (Finally!)

I have a couple episodes of Die Young already made and edited, so that should keep going through this “Crunch Time”.  Once I get closer to release with this I think I will get more into the video side of things for the site.  I really enjoy making them even if people don’t watch. Again I talk to myself anyway and now I have another excuse to play games.  I think I can even get cocky enough to say I could release one a day, just a 20 minute video of a different game each day. That might be a little too over enthusiastic, but I’ll build up to it.

I haven’t even thought of streaming these past weeks, and I think I may hold off until I build up more of a fan base, as well as get a place I can be a little louder than whispering.  You see where I would play games is right down the hall from my little one, so I would have to be quite.  I want to at least be able to talk at a normal level, but I don’t want to take the chance.

Oh!  I just remembered that I have a template for my calendar images so it won’t be all over the damn place with font sizes and stuff now, well after today :).

Well that’s all the babbling I want to do, so I’ll see you later!

Weekly Plugs

Turtle Flakes is a Podcast about all things Ninja Turtles with some other 90’s and 2000’s shows and comics.  Give them a listen to find out about some of the incredible comic series that have come out about the TMNT as well as doing toy reviews, current news about comics/Ninja Turtles, and just about anything that comes up.  Unlike my podcast this one is very well put together and edited beautifully.  If you check them out don’t forget to leave a review on their iTunes Page! You can find their family friendly podcast here:

Rob’s Blog – https://radrobsblog.blogspot.com/
Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/turtleflakespodcast
iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/turtle-flakes/id684137366?mt=2
Google Play – https://play.google.com/music/m/Iitj3srrmm2up5gxqi37iwbatqm?t=Turtle_Flakes

September is now upon us.  That means you have only a month or so to figure out your Halloween getup for this year.  If you’re like half the people I know you want something hand made and crafted just for you, not some cookie cutter costume you buy at a big box store.  So here is your chance to wow the people you know with a custom appliance from Haine Made! Now I’ve been plugging her site/business for a while now, but am not sure how busy she is, so make sure to contact her first before you expect an appliance.  If Halloween isn’t your thing, then she is always up for commission work as well.  Check her out here:


Tired of those gaming channels that only have one guy talking to himself really about nothing… Well have I got a new channel for you! Gaming Couch has their own brand of humor as well as their own style of Let’s Play videos.  Unlike most channels that just play whatever is popular to get likes and subscribers, they like to play different and fun games to them. (They still do play the new games, but more of the older stuff).  They post daily so if you want more content it is always there.  Give them a shot at:


I don’t think that my friend will be updating his website anytime soon so I am going to stop plugging it here until he does.  He is going through one of the roughest times any person can go through right now and will be back at it when he is healed.

Fun Fact: Mrs. originated as a contraction of the honorific Mistress, the feminine of Mister, or Master, which was originally applied to both married and unmarried women. The split into Mrs. for married women from Ms. and Miss began during the 17th century.