Playing with Myself #3 – Die Young

by on 08/31/2017

I guess I missed posting this yesterday, oops.  I’m really liking this game and how it let’s go just about anywhere and it is really open to you as a player. But I am not used to that in games, I am used to just playing in a somewhat linear fasion with some kind of hand holding. Even Assassin’s Creed gives you markers on the map, this game barely does that.  It is a welcomed change, I just have to get used to it again and I think part I am starting to do that.

A technical note about this one is that somehow I lost the audio for the game, so it is just me talking.  If you want to skip it because of that I completely understand. I don’t get too far, and I can explain what happened if you really care about it in the next episode notes if you want.  If anyone says they skipped it because of that I will.


Fun Fact: Paper cuts can be surprisingly painful as they can stimulate a large number of skin surface nociceptors (pain receptors) in a very small area of the skin. Because the shallow cut does not bleed very much, the pain receptors are left open to the air, ensuring continued pain.

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