FPS Tuesday Update 8/14

by on 08/22/2017

I know what you’re thinking and have been losing your mind all weekend. Where was all the streaming this weekend? Where was the Monday Update? Where was the Friday Game Update? Well I think you will find the answers to all your sleepless nights below.

So Friday didn’t get an update, because there is no real update.  I can update you with a single sentence and I think I did in the podcast. So on to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night’s streaming event extravaganza!  Well I decided I wanted a new PC over the weekend so I went out and bought all the parts and was having problems wrangling with that all weekend.  It’s been a while since I have built a PC and I can’t seem to get the parts to work like I’d want to, you know working!  So I have to get that thing together before I can actually start streaming.  That and I would like to get a good stream overlay.

You see the problem with doing any kind of content creation now a day is that there are millions of other assholes out there and you have to set yours apart some how.  That is true for any of the crap I do.  I have to have a game that will stand out from all the other, I have to have a Podcast that will catch some people’s attention, and this site needs to be a little more than just ‘Basic’.  If I don’t have it like that I will be washed away and forgotten.  I suppose you need to be engaging, likable, and relevant as well but the fact still remains you need to have good content for people to even think about clicking on your links.  So that all boils down to I wanted to make a good stream overlay.  So I think I will try for this weekend, but it all depends if my PC is built or not.  I may decide to travel over to micro center today, but it is quite the drive so I may get it done by Saturday.  So I’m not going to put anything on the calendar for this weekend, and just be surprised if there is a stream 🙂

Then lastly this update, where was it yesterday. Well I’m sure a lot of you noticed that everyone was staring at the sun yesterday.  Well so was I.  I took the family to the science museum to partake in the event, but turned out to be cloudy.  Then got home and the sun peeked out for a couple minutes when it was at it’s fullest.  So I got to do that and some other house keeping stuff, so there was no time to jot down all the crap I wanted to do this week.  So here it is today, and aren’t you glad we both got it out of the way…

I  think this proves that I need to get content done a week in advance so if I slip like this I have time to make it up.  So I think that is the goal this week.  The only thing I think that will be real time would obviously be streams, and the podcast.   That takes no time at all to do and I like talking about relevant stuff.

Here will be the schedule for his week:

  • Wednesday: Play with Myself: Die Young part 2
  • Thursday: RPG Podcast
  • Friday: Drop Spin / Stream update

Doesn’t look like much but again I like to post things as they happen throughout the week so you may get 2 or 3 more articles in there.  Also if I get my stream overlay working fine and get my PC built there may be a chance to come hang out and play with me this weekend. Until then….

Weekly Plugs!

Your totally tubular ninja turtle gurus are at it every week talking about movies, comics, figures, and anything that has to do with Ninja Turtles.  You can find them here:

Rob’s Blog – https://radrobsblog.blogspot.com/
Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/turtleflakespodcast
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If you are more into board games and other geeky things have a look at my good friends website http://confessionsofagameaholic.com/  He does board game reviews, unboxings, and previews of games that he plays and enjoys.  Also he is a retro game collector and has a growing collection of nostalgia.  Recently he attended GenCon so there should be some cool new content there soon!

Lastly but definitely not least is Haine Made! She does anything from commission art of your pet to custom Halloween prosthetic make up! If you thought of the perfect costume and don’t want the same cookie cutter outfit, give her a message!  Right now she is busy with the “Acre of Terror”, her local haunted attraction for Halloween, but I’m sure she can fit in some commission work here an there! Find her at https://www.facebook.com/HaineMade-155472674800872/

Fun Fact: Originally, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby intended the Hulk to be a pasty gray. But the printing press kept having trouble with the Hulk’s color and he kept coming out green. So he only spent the first few issues of his comic being gray.

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