RPG #11 – Is Blizzard the Best Game Developer

by on 08/17/2017

Episode 11 is here and I talk about some pretty off topic things, but I do talk about the recent news that Blizzard has had the last week or so.  I don’t talk about it the full hour, so if you’re thinking this is going to be jam packed with Blizzard stroking, you’re wrong.  I talk about many other things as well, and touch lightly at the beginning of what happened over the weekend.

It gets better after that, and trust me you don’t need more people to say the situation was fucked up…

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Fun Fact: An adult mouse has 16 teeth which it uses for holding onto and chewing its food. Mice have one upper pair and one lower pair of incisors at the front of their mouths which mice uses to grip onto and bite their food.