New Call of Duty PS4 Beta

by on 08/17/2017

I have always said when the new Call of Duty game comes out that “This is the one I’m going to get back in to”.  But they come and go and I still haven’t bought one since Modern Warfare.  I think it’s just the hype that they get and this weird reaction I have to super popular things, I don’t really care for them.  So this Call of Duty I am going to get, maybe not right away, but I want to get back into online gaming and it seems like a good way to start.  I also have this weird thing about online games where I only like to play them with friends, but that has to stop too because we are all busy in our own lives and will almost never get the opportunity to all play at once.  So here we are, another year and another call of duty game, this time we went back to WWII.  This seems fitting with the current climate of the political world.  I would like to get back to kicking some Nazi Ass…

So not that long ago they announced a Private Multiplayer beta beginning on the 25th next week.  Bad news for PC and Xbox gamers the beta is only for PS4, other platforms are to follow.  Also you have to pre-order to get a code for the beta.  Here are some of the highlights of the new Beta

  1. Instead of the Pick 10 Create-a-class system they have implemented Divisions.  With this they say you can enlist in the Infantry, Expeditionary, Airborne, Armory, or Mountain Divisions.  I’m assuming that each Division will have their own classes, perks, and weapons.  This seems like the Divisions are like classes and the player will level up through each division.  I wonder if you have to get max level in each before you can Prestige (if that is even a concept in this game)
  2. 3 Maps to play on.  Pointe Du Hoc, Ardennes and Gibraltar.
  3. War Mode – This mode seems like a scripted sequence of events that happens.  The Allied or Axis teams will have different objectives for each scripted event.  One example I read was to escort a tank vs destroy that tank. The thing that was unique to this mode was that the player was saying he was more concerned with the load out the TEAM needed vs the one HE wanted.  This isn’t new to shooters, but super cool for CoD to implement.
  4. Progression – Leveling up during the beta.  It was unclear of the things I read if you could keep your level, what the cap was, or any other details other than there was leveling.

Pretty standard Beta stuff here as well.  Not all things are implemented, and there are probably going to be down times.  So expect to have down times for server restarts and Match Making issues if you are playing it.  Beta also means they are testing stuff, so don’t be a whiny twit when something goes down. If it didn’t break here, chances are it will break during launch.  So your job as a Beta Tester is to break the game.

I won’t be playing this beta, but look forward to the Xbox/PC beta that is inevitably coming soon.

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