Playing with Myself #1 – Die Young

by on 08/16/2017

Well if you made it here good for you, you can take a joke 🙂 Also welcome to the video thing I tried doing a couple months ago.  Only difference is that now I don’t try to examine the game, because that was super boring.  Now I just do the normal play through of it and after I’m done I will do a review/examination on it, fun huh?!

Right now I am working through some art things, and settings so it may look a bit crappy, but it’ll get better with time.  I just kept recording and switching, and finally said “You know what, 3 people are gonna watch this so it doesn’t matter”, if anything it is just practice to get down a process with the tools that I have.

So here’s to the first of many times that I play with myself, on camera, while talking to myself, sometimes while my dog watches….

Here is the link