All Controller

by on 08/15/2017

I have always subscribed to the fact that there needs to be a controller that will work on at least 75% of my crap.  I get that with the Xbox One S Controller.  It works on my Xbox (duh), PC, and Android Phone via Bluetooth.  It also can (i’m assuming) work on iOS because of Bluetooth as well.  I love the feel and design of the Xbox controller, it is almost perfect.  The only flaws it has ever had is the weight, and the lack of configuration.  They solved both of these issues with the Xbox Elite Controller.  This has the weight added to it and also gives configuration I want.  But they also add a new problem now, it no longer has Bluetooth so I need a dongle to connect it to my PC or use a USB cable and it will not work for my android.  Also I really like the idea of turning one thing off and another on and still just use the same controller.  I love this with my headsets so I want this for my controllers. So far there is no controller that does 100% out of the box.  There are ways around this with little dongles you plug in that will mimic your controller, but there feels something hacky about that.

In comes All Controller.  (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1811189679/all-controller-universal-and-fully-customizable/description)
This controller boasts that it will work on almost every platform that I have heard of.  It ranges from consoles, mobile, or PC / Mac / Linux .  Or basically anything that you would ever want it on.  So anything that you care about today, bar some weirdo gaming solution or things like the classic Nintendo (again I’m assuming here). So is there a downfall to this? It seems amazing right?? Well if you know anything about writing or reading an article this is where I shit all over it, right? Well kind of.

The only gripe I have about it is the layout.  Like I said before Microsoft has produced the best controller out there and the reason for having that title is the offset analog sticks.  My hands are a little messed up from previous jobs and I can’t get comfortable with the sticks at the same level (PS4 controller).  So when I saw that the controller is like that I kind of just blew it off.  Then I saw one of their stretch goals is the Xbox style controller! The bad thing is that it is not their first stretch goal and is at $400,000 CAD (or ~$316,000 USD)which means they are about half way there because they are at ~$196,000 CAD at the time I write this. So it might get there, but that is the only way I would get one…

I have mixed feelings about a controller like this. On one hand it would be the bestest thing to ever come around!! But then on the other hand when something is a “jack of all trades” that means it is usually a master of none.  This means that it might work for everything, but there is a good change it will be laggy, or something like that.  It seems like this controller isn’t that, but I would be a dumb consumer if I wasn’t a little concerned.  It does have some impressive software being ran on it.  The ability to make macros, use keyboard, change button layouts, and do all of the things it can do is amazing!  I just wish it was a little cheaper. I also wish it was USB-C to keep up with that changing standard.

I’ve decided not to back it because I really don’t want to pay the $25 CAD shipping and to get the full experience of the controller I would want it, the dongle, and the cell phone holder for my android.  This means I need to shell out $175 CAD for a controller that wouldn’t even have the layout I want.  I think for me I’m just going to buy something like this Titan One.  I say that not because I don’t believe the controller will be great, I’m sure it will be awesome.  I say this because I don’t want to buy another controller that basically does the same thing as all my controllers right now.  I would be making a lateral move, and that is not a way you want to go.

If I could have gotten into the Early Bird specials for the controller and not have to pay for shipping outside of Canada, I probably would have backed it.  But for now I will stick with my multiple controllers.  You should look into it if you think this is something that can work for you! I mean an Elite controller for Xbox is $130 now (was $150) so this should be a no brainer if you don’t mind the stick layout.  If they make that stretch goal I will probably get one after it releases, and once they work out all the kinks.

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