FPS Monday Update 8/14

by on 08/14/2017

Well another week and another Monday Update! Looks like I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to this weekend because I finished up a home project. So still doing content day by day, but I’ll be trying to get it started to be a week in advance soon.  This week is a little less eventful than last week. I just have a couple things coming out, because I am working on all of my projects and not really hitting any milestones, which is sort of the problem with getting all of these at one time.  I’ll have a bunch of updates for a while but then it will sort of slow down.  That’s perfectly fine in my book!

So this week’s schedule we have:

Tuesday: All Controller
Wednesday: Alpha Bits: Die Young Part 1 (Again)
Thursday: RPG
Friday: Drop Spin/Stream Update

So Friday’s update will just be if there is something to update about, again I am not in the business of just pumping out articles, but rather keeping anyone who cares about the things I am making up to date as well as keeping myself accountable for my projects.  I feel as soon as I have it out on the site, I feel a little bit more obligated to finish it.

I think this weekend I may dive into streaming! So I’ll send that out when I get a second, but I have a couple games I was gonna play and if I play them I might as well stream right?!   I’m really getting into Sky Factory Mod 3 in Minecraft and want to get back into 7 Days to Die, so I may do Sky Factory on Friday, 7 Days on Saturday, and something else on Sunday.  I really want to get back into gaming, have gotten somewhat back into it with playing and beating Assassin’s Creed a few weeks ago.  But that was literally my 2nd game I played this year.  With all the new stuff coming out I feel I’ll be left behind if I don’t catch up, and again if I set something up on here then it will feel more ‘Official’ and I’ll probably do it.  Even if no one stops in, at least I will still be playing.  I’m also thinking of picking up PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, since there are lots of players on there it should be really easy to find games and hopefully have fun. I also wanted to start to play Hearthstone and Overwatch as well as CS:GO.  I’ve always wanted to play these games but always get intimidated because everyone seems so good at them! But I have to start somewhere, and might as well start when the games are super old 🙂

So let’s put down a Stream Schedule in these updates as well:

Friday: Sky Factory 3
Saturday: 7 Days to Die
Sunday: PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, Hearthstone, Overwatch, or CS:GO.

Streams will likely start at 9PM Central time, but could start as late as 10PM.  I will do the normal thing and Tweet/Facebook/Instagram/whatever I can out to say I’m starting to Stream.

I plan on getting a working site for Stream this week and hopefully done with powerups for Drop Spin.  Only have a couple weeks left in August so that deadline is approaching. Gonna be a crazy week, but that makes it awesome!

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