Drop Spin Update – Power Ups

by on 08/11/2017

I figured I would do a super quick update, not to just post something but I figured if I keep making updates that means that I’ll keep pushing myself to try and do new things so I have something to talk about for a couple minutes.

This week I mulled around how to implement the power ups, and I decided to do it as simple as possible by just doing basic data structures instead of building out this huge system that could be expanded on later. So for example I have a powerup that will not give a time penalty when a row drops off the edge.  This is simply an object with a couple variables.  Basically the powerup will negate the time penalty, and decrement a counter (amount of rows that can pass through this way) and keep running until that counter gets to 0. So essentially the powerup is represented by a single int, the counter.  When that counter reaches 0 the powerup is lost.

Other powerups are implemented the same basic way, there can be multiple values or variables in each one, but I am doing it as bare minimum as I can.  This seems to be working out so far.  I have half of the powerups done, and will be finishing up the rest this weekend.  Hopefully I can do all these, get the GUI done for them and have a new build next week to test out.

Once I get these done then it is just Sound, Music, Leaderboards, and some other small housekeeping things.  I can feel it, the end is within my grasp!! But the worst part is the last 10%, or however that saying goes.  So I’ll keep posting these as long as I got something to update, and then maybe just maybe I can get this out next month.

Fun Fact: Each of us has 60 – 90 trillion cells so our DNA is very, very tiny when coiled up. If you could take it out of a cell and stretch it into a line, our DNA would be more than six feet long. That’s almost two meters.

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