RPG #10 – Independent

by on 08/10/2017

Hey Everyone!  Looks like I finally made it to the double digits!  it might take a while, but I’m going to shoot for triple digits 🙂  I guess that’s not really a goal but hoping I can keep this up for another year and a half!!

So this week I ramble about Drop Spin and Stream, I talk about some games that came out this week, and I (kind of) bitch about a game developer who claims he is indie but his team isn’t.  I know that sounds like something petty, but it ruins the image and the expectations of indie developers.  I’d like to know your opinion.  Does knowing that a game is done by an Indie Developer curb your purchase of a game one way or the other??


Promised new artwork this week and failed to deliver again.  I’ll be working on it tonight so it will be up for next week.  If not I guess we’ll find out when that happens….

Hope you enjoy this week and again check it out here
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