Stream Update 8/8

by on 08/08/2017

First off I would like to say that React is a very interesting take on web development. I have only worked in a couple different environments, but I like what I am learning so far. I really don’t have anything to show off today, but still wanted to make an article because I wanted to talk through some design decisions that I have made. If they seem like utter trash, feel free to let me know. But if you do, can you also tell me why it is. I don’t want to read a whole bunch of “You’re Wrong!” without any kind of direction as to why I am wrong.

So first off I have decided that I want to make this as differnt as I can by using technologies that I am unfamiliar with. Probably not the right idea looking at it from a design perspective, but I am also doing this to learn how to do web development as well. So I will be using the following technologies (if they all work together):
– Flux for the MVC control
– React for the View of MVC
– Falcor for data managment (when and if we need to save anything)
– Datomic DB for data storage (when and if we need to save anything)

These are all open source technologies that are made by Facebook and Netflix so I know they will be maintained and hopefully be some ways to get help if I need it. I also want to use Bootstrap (maintained by Twitter) to have the responsive layout, but I am finding it difficult to implement the React-Bootstrap that I have found. I may just see if React has any internal thin that can make it responsive, who knows it may already be and I just don’t know.

If I can get bootstrap to work then I can take advantage of any Bootstrap theme that is out there as well. This will convert over and make the page look nice, run well, and perform amazing. These are lofty goals to have, but I think if I am going to make something it might as be done right, right?

Here is my thoughts for layout of videos for landscape and portrait.

So I basically want the screen to change if the user has it in portrait or landscape view. Of course I will have to test on different size resolutions. I also want to have a full screen ‘Gallery’ view that YouTube already implements. It will show the main video with a little arrow at the bottom. The user can swipe, click, or interact with that button and it will show the other views. In full screen mode chat will be displayed on the right of the screen. It can be turned off or on from this mode or from the other mode.

Now as the screen gets smaller I think it will have to move toward model. That or it will just show the names or titles of the video behind the main in a ‘Card’ like faction.

Now knowing very little about web development these features may have to come in phases. Especially with how much limited time I have to work on this app. This is proven nicely as a learning experience as well. Once I can get the first video group playing how I want I will show off a demo of it. Until then just screenshots and fancy drawings 🙂

I know this may seem like it is a non-article and I am just writing just for the sake of writing, but it helps to try and talk these things out loud as well as write them down some where. I can then commit to what I said or justify why I changed it. It also allows me to see if something sounds off, meaning that a plan I have works or sounds good in my head, but as soon as I talk about it I can find flaws.

Thanks for helping me talk through it! Again any kind of design help would be appreciated! Next week I hope I can have something to show, maybe even a sub domain here to look at.  Not getting ahead of myself though…..

Fun Fact: The word Dracula wasn’t something that Bram Stoker made up for his book; Vlad III actually preferred to be called that. His father, Vlad II, was a member of a secret society known as the Order of the Dragon. He was so proud to be a member that he had his name changed to “Dracul,” Romanian for “Dragon.”

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