Stream Update 8/1

by on 08/01/2017

Not too big of an article today, but just wanted to talk through some of the design decisions I made as well as the overall wire frame of the app.  So again the reason why I am doing this is to learn a little more about React.js as well as how to build a web app.  There is already a solution out there, I just wanted to make my own.  With that being said this is what I want the app to do.





  • Play multiple videos at once to get sort of a Command Center vibe.
  • Ability to lay these videos out in an array of layouts.  2×3, 3×2. These will be predefined.  If we get done faster than expected I will look into saving options
  • Search through already played games and start from the beginning.  So if Rainbow Six has already been played, I can just search for rainbow six and it would show in the dropdown
  • Action where once screen will be the ‘Main’ screen and all other views will either be in on the side, top, or bottom of that screen.  Clicking will switch the view.
  • Universal controls to play, pause, seek, etc.
  • Share the colaboration of videos on social
  • From this page tweet at the bradcasters
  • Chat from each video in one, this might be already solved from YouTube’s side.
  • Camera angles work on Mobile.  This is the big one that will differ from YouTube and my app. This is also the last thing that I should get to work.

So not too much, but still a lofty app with all the video streaming.  I may put a bandwidth checker to see if it is possible for the user to play all the videos.  The last thing that I would like to try to do is to see if I can implement a “Director” feature.  This would take all of cuts that people have made and create one video form start to finish like an edited version of the video would look like.  I think this might have to come in V2, because I would need to look at how to use machine learning.  Or I would want to use an AI Director to create the video. Anyway that is the pipe dream and not how this version of the app will work.

One more thing that I thought was difficult with the other apps is that you already needed to know what the URL were for each video.  I will see if YouTube exposes their searching so I could have that on my app, so you wouldn’t have to switch between sites.  It would be just as easy to be able to search and have it come up with results and just click on that video.  Since these streams are a little different, meaning that they don’t really expose the different cameras in a search result it may be a bit difficult to do this, but I will give it my best shot.

That or make an extension that will capture URL when you right click on the page or something.  Once you get all the URL simply click an extension button and boom you are taken to the site with the correct videos loaded.  An extension may be out of scope for this project, but that would help out with creating the collaboration video.

So what I have done is just come up with what I want the app to do, what it should look like, and have watched/read a couple tutorials on how to make it work.  So far nothing to show, which I think whoever is reading this probably knew.  I do plan however to document the entire process with most source code to be available on GitHub. I will get my wire frames uploaded next week to try and paint a picture of what I am trying to accomplish and see if anyone has any advice.

The original use case for this app is for watching people play games at the same time, but I’m sure it will have multiple purposes and can’t wait to see them all.

Hopefully next week I will have a little more than just concept to show.

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