Playing with Myself #3 – Die Young

by Willon 08/31/2017
I guess I missed posting this yesterday, oops.  I’m really liking this game and how it let’s go just about anywhere and it is really open to you as a player. But I am not used to that in games, I am used to just playing in a somewhat linear fasion with some kind of […]

React, Suing, and You

by Willon 08/29/2017
I have been googling a lot of React stuff lately to try and develop my Bourn app, and Google does this thing where it shows you articles about the crap you search. So I got an article that was titled something like “Don’t use React until you read this!”, total click bait. So I clicked… […]

FPS Monday Update 8/28

by Willon 08/28/2017
Well hello there all you crazy people!  Another week down the drain and stomped in the gutter.  This brings another week of stupid shit from a dank hole in the internet.  This week we have some good content coming out.  Getting really ramped up on the content creation (read: game videos) and can’t wait to […]

RPG #12 – Oh Microcenter

by Willon 08/24/2017
Another hour of me rambling on. This time I talk less about news worthy things and more about what happened to me over the long weekend I had.  It seems like when I go out and interact with people I always have a ridiculous story and this time was no different. Microcenter seems to be […]

Playing with Myself #2 – Die Young

by Willon 08/23/2017
So it is late in the day, but I said I would get this out today and I try to keep that streak going. Today I continue the game of Die Young.  It turns out this is getting to be a pretty good game! I’m starting to really like the platforming, but kind of am […]

FPS Tuesday Update 8/14

by Willon 08/22/2017
I know what you’re thinking and have been losing your mind all weekend. Where was all the streaming this weekend? Where was the Monday Update? Where was the Friday Game Update? Well I think you will find the answers to all your sleepless nights below. So Friday didn’t get an update, because there is no […]

New Call of Duty PS4 Beta

by Willon 08/17/2017
I have always said when the new Call of Duty game comes out that “This is the one I’m going to get back in to”.  But they come and go and I still haven’t bought one since Modern Warfare.  I think it’s just the hype that they get and this weird reaction I have to […]

RPG #11 – Is Blizzard the Best Game Developer

by Willon 08/17/2017
Episode 11 is here and I talk about some pretty off topic things, but I do talk about the recent news that Blizzard has had the last week or so.  I don’t talk about it the full hour, so if you’re thinking this is going to be jam packed with Blizzard stroking, you’re wrong.  I […]

Playing with Myself #1 – Die Young

by Willon 08/16/2017
Well if you made it here good for you, you can take a joke 🙂 Also welcome to the video thing I tried doing a couple months ago.  Only difference is that now I don’t try to examine the game, because that was super boring.  Now I just do the normal play through of it […]

All Controller

by Willon 08/15/2017
I have always subscribed to the fact that there needs to be a controller that will work on at least 75% of my crap.  I get that with the Xbox One S Controller.  It works on my Xbox (duh), PC, and Android Phone via Bluetooth.  It also can (i’m assuming) work on iOS because of […]