FPS Monday Update

by on 07/31/2017

Not much happened to the site as a whole over the weekend.  I didn’t get that game stopping bug fixed in my game until this morning so I won’t be able to have a new Alpha version out until this Friday.  I just need to do a couple more animations and some prettying up and it should be good to go.  I am also hard at work thinking of the next game since my goal for this one is September, which is just 2 months away.  The goal has always been September, but I didn’t have a firm date so I could release the 1st if I can or the 30th.  Hopefully the Google Play store application process doesn’t take too long.

I’ll likely start to make Alpha Bits again this week so that might be in our future next week. I’m going to go back and play some of the games I thought I could before and do it all again, just for completeness.  So the first will be Die Young, followed by Sword with Sauce, and finally Guts and Glory. I’ll start to have to look at games beyond that soon to start to get this thing going.  Again, this won’t be a weekly or scheduled thing, just when I have time.

I have no real update on the Web App.  I am learning to try to setup a React environment and it is proving to be challenging.  I might have to start over again to see if I missed a step or what.  I am trying to use VS Code and the tutorial on the MSDN site, but I am getting to the point where I can add a debugger and it keeps giving me errors and exceptions.  I may have to go to another source, the documentation seems like it may be old.

There has been no real movement on my book idea either.  I stated I wanted to try to write one during my lunch breaks.  I figured I get an hour (a little less) and I usually just sit around and browse Facebook or something.  It would be cool if I could use that to tell a story.  I’m thinking I want to do a sci-fi or fantasy book, but I may want to try a mystery or thriller and I may even try to do a horror.  I’ll try to make a goal to get a base story down for next week.

Lastly here is the schedule for this week:

  • Tuesday: Web App Update
  • Wednesday: 2L8 Review: Assassin’s Creed Follow-up
  • Thursday: RPG
  • Friday: Drop Spin Update

Nothing too exciting happening here for Functionally Psychotic Studios, but we are getting there.

Just a couple quick shout-outs to the Update today.
If you are into TMNT at all, I’m a fan but not as much as these guys, check out ‘Turtle Flakes’.  A podcast about all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  They are very interactive with the audience, and very knowledgeable about the Turtles.  Unlike my podcast they have some pretty influential people on the show with the most notable being Kevin Eastman, the creator (co-creator?) of the turtles.  It’s a family friendly podcast that comes out bi-weekly I think.  Check it out if you need something new to fill your life! Links and a better description can be found at Robs Blog

Also a bud of mine is starting to do the writing thing again on his new site http://www.confessionsofagameaholic.com This site is dedicated to pretty much anything gaming.  He has some unboxing videos up on YouTube as well.  Another thing that Kelly does is collect retro games, so if you can go there to share that passion with him as well.  But don’t think it will be limited to game unboxings and retro articles.  He has some more exciting things coming down the pipe so make sure to follow him on your social platform of choice!

That’s it for today.  Fun Fact: Taser is actually not a word, but an acronym for a fictional weapon: Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle. Cover added the “A” to Tom Swift’s name. The original character did not have a middle name. Victor Appleton is the author of the Tom Swift books.

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