2L8 Review – Assassin’s Creed: Unity

by on 07/26/2017

Well I have finally been getting back into gaming now that my daughter is a little older and she can entertain herself with the dog, I feel I can sit back and enjoy some of the games that I have bought and tried to play but couldn’t (or wouldn’t depending on how you look at it). So I decided to make a new series called 2L8 Reviews (Too Late).  I figured all the games that I am sitting on are old and stagnant so why not try to do a 2 year old review on them….

Anyway first up is Assassin’t Creed: Unity.  I have to say that I really enjoy these games, I would put them as my 2nd favorite series of all time, just below Halo. So just to put that out there that my review may be sort of biased based on that. Also I would like to preface what I’m about to say with that I really don’t mind Ubisoft games. What I mean by that is there are some people that absolutely despise these guys, I don’t.  I can take appreciation for what they are trying to do, and what they have done.  I love Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell (Please make another one!!), and really got into For Honor for a bit so what I have to say about this game has nothing against the series, or Ubisoft as a company.  So now on to it.  I really didn’t like this game.  Granted I am only on Sequence 7, and have done minimal side story so there may be some more amazing things coming to happen.  For right now though, I have been a little underwhelmed.  All the characters sort of blend together, the settings are the exact same looking, and the story so far is a bit lack luster.  I guess I can compare this to the best trilogy of AC games, and then the best stand alone AC game.

Ezio’s trilogy is by far the best part about this series.  Mostly because Desmond is learning along with the player.  We are still in the infancy of the Creed and we are helping to shape and mold the brotherhood.  It doesn’t hurt that we have been with this character literally since the time he shot out of the womb, and we are with him until he takes his final breath.  That kind of bond you really don’t see in video game stories, or really an stories.  We are with him when he is young and stupid, fighting a rival family. We get to be with him when he realizes he’s not a young spry man anymore and he is ‘Getting too old for this shit’!  It was the perfect story, for me don’t go crazy!  Now we look at Arno’s story.  Similar we get to see him as a kid, but the bond is not there.  Maybe because Arno had 1 game where Ezio had 3.  Or it is because Arno really hasn’t developed as a character from when he was a child to where we are in the game right now.  He is sort of the mischief maker like Ezio was, but as an adult he really is kind of flat.  Now the argument that a character needs more games to flesh out his character isn’t a good argument because I think that the best stand alone Assassin’s Creed has to be Black Flag.  Edward Kenway is probably the best character in the AC Universe besides Ezio.  I do also think it may have to do with he is tied together with Connor and Haytham which bring a close to a really big story arc.  So maybe since Assassin’s Creed has always been about the bigger picture.  Desmond trying to find the apple through many different time periods and ancestors, with some sort of alien race in the mix all going towards the end of the world.  Well that has ended 5 years ago and now we are stuck with single stories.  Again I could be writing this prematurely and something epic happens at the end of the game, but I almost doubt it.

I still need to play Rouge, Chronicles, and Syndicate.  I will go into them with open arms as well, and hopefully these games will be more appealing.  I think another reason why the older games got to me was they had new and exciting mechanics in each game.  In Assassin’s Creed II we got to get away from the boring missions, the fighting system was overhauled, and we were in a new area.  AC: Brotherhood we got to play with the brotherhood, and with Revelations we got the grenade system (as much as a flop of a system it was, it was still new and exciting).  Then in Black Flag we got to be a Pirate!!! How cool was that.  Fast forward to Paris and it’s just going back to AC II.  Now granted I haven’t played with 3 other people, which that might be where it’s at, but I’ll say this until the day I don’t play games anymore; games should not rely on their multiplayer component to be good.  For example I tried to look up a co-op session to do a mission and there weren’t even anyone playing the game, anywhere…..

Glad I didn’t get to play the game when glitches like this were really common.

With that being said the game isn’t that bad technically, anymore. I do remember there were a ton of things wrong with this game when it was released. But now there are a few hiccups here and there, but nothing like it was when it first came out.  There was a really horrible bug, and I will call it a bug since I am qualified to do so :), that would allow a user to go into the DLC at any point in the game.  Now this wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t an unskippable cut scene that details some really big points from the main story line, and also that there is no way to get out of it until you beat the first mission (that I found).  So I went in under leveled and not prepared.  Now let me tell you how I got there…. When you get your base of operations The Cafe Theater, and also have the Dead Kings DLC there is a fast travel spot to get to the Cafe right next to the one to get to the DLC.  There is not confirmation telling you that you are leaving the main game, just saying “Do you want to travel”.  So I did it on accident. I didn’t even know I owned the DLC, it might have been a Game with Gold gold thing. Anyway now I was stuck in that DLC for the better part of the day, just swearing and yelling at the thing, when a simple “You will exit the main game and enter the ‘Dead Kings’ DLC” message would have stopped me.  If it was just another mission it would have been fine. Just do whatever they want and be done with it. But since it is expecting you to be a Master Assassin or whatever, all the guards are really tough to fight and there are a dick ton of them.  So you are out ranked, out matched, and out numbered going into this thing.  One of the solutions was to just join a co-op match, this is why I tried it, and it will kick you out.  That didn’t work, nor did playing a previous memory.This apparently was a thing when the game came out as well, because I am not the first to do this.  There were a bunch of people that brought it up and Ubisoft even said they don’t think it is a bug and is by design.  Well if I was testing that part of the software I would have done it the complete opposite, and harped on people until those 4 lines of code were entered.

So how is the game without comparing it to the best in the series?  I would say middle of the road.  It’s not the worst and it isn’t the best by far.  I talked a lot about what it isn’t so let’s talk a little bit about what it is.  It is still an enjoyable game.  Not too many games give quite the raw satisfaction of taking down a group of guards, or helping out the citizens of a very desperate Paris.  I also love the Nostradamus and the Crime scene Puzzles.  These give a fresh take on what the Assassin’s could be, just really good detectives.  It is what the game needed to set it apart from the other games but they were just too easy to solve, or look up.  Just do eagle vision until you find all the glowing things, and it’s usually pretty easy to figure it out.  When in doubt you just have to look online who done it, and accuse them.  There is no reason to find any clues, no extra rewards, nothing.  The Nostradamus puzzles on the other hand are WAY too hard.  They expect you to know where certain landmarks (I know they are on the map) and certain historical facts to find the clues.  I’m sure it wouldn’t be that bad for French historians to figure some of these out, but for a guy who barely knows how to find France on the map these were pretty tricky.  Again though I just need to look them up and I’m good to go.  I guess while I’m on it the Lock Picking in this game is a little infuriating.  If you don’t have the required level it is almost impossible to unlock the lock.  Systems like Skyrim allow for locks to be picked if you are a reasonable level away from the lock level, I wish they would have allowed that here. Beyond that the game is serviceable and entertaining.  The best thing I can say about this game is that it is a game..

The last thing about the game I want to say is that there is no good balancing in the missions and enemies.  Before I got the Café Theatre and renovated it all the way (thanks to the money from the 1 mission in Dead Kings) I was really struggling for money so had a crap weapon. Once I got that updated I just waited for the money to pour in and bought the best sword in the game.  I didn’t really do anything to deserve it, just had the money. Now the game is too easy, before it was too hard.  One thing she brought up was that you should be able to play the game without doing side quests, and be able to progress naturally.  There were some parts in the game where I felt I needed to go do side quests, which shouldn’t feel like a need.

So now that I start talking about the game I really don’t have anything good to say about it other than it is a bridge to the next one.  I feel I need to play it because I am a fan of the series and maybe that is my downfall.  This will be the first one I don’t 100%, not just because the game is a little dull and bland but because there are simply way too many things to do.  Some games need more content, this one is not in that category.  It always takes me a bit too long to find something on the map.

Look at all those things you can do!!

Like I’ve said before I don’t like giving “Scores” because they don’t really mean anything anymore.  A game that is 7/10 for some reason is complete shit in some people’s eyes.  That’s still a C, and if I learned anything from College, that’ll get you a degree 🙂 My final verdict though would be I wouldn’t play this again.  If I wasn’t already almost done I probably would just read what happens and go on to the next one.  Unless you are a die hard fan of the series, then I would skip it and just go to the next.

Fun Fact: The word robot was introduced in 1920 in a play by Karel Capek called R.U.R. , or Rossum’s Universal Robots. Robot comes from the Czech word robota, meaning forced labour or drudgery. In the play, human-like mechanical creatures produced in Rossum’s factory are docile slaves.

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