Web App Idea

by on 07/25/2017

So I want to address something first.  I know I come up with many ideas.  I know I say “I have a new project” often.  I like to learn and try new things.  Once I realize that it won’t work, or it fails to solve a problem I have then I basically abandon it.  Look back at my VR Google Daydream game.  I was all about it and then had to abandon it.  The reason was that I didn’t understand how to work in VR and was stuck just looking at the screen most days.  I knew that I would never make that game, mostly because I lacked the skills to write it, so I moved on.  Now I like to start projects, but rarely finish them because I get bored, uninspired, or even just get stuck.  I have a personal goal to release whatever it is I set out to make.  So if it is finished or not, this will be released.  So on to the new thing!

I have been wanted to learn more about web development recently and just found a reason to dive into React. For those that don’t know React is a Facebook version of JavaScript that is becoming the ‘thing’ to know in web development.  I decided to build something when I was watching a prerecorded Stream of Rainbow Six: Siege the other day from Achievement Hunter. The one main thing that made me think of this is because I didn’t like about the way YouTube handled multiple cameras. It felt really clumsy for a desktop experience and I thought it could be better.  Here’s an example. I was watching the main camera (out of 6 total) and he was just waiting around for people, so I switched to one of the other cameras. YouTube switches, loads the new video, I did some sort of time travel because one channel is playing out of sync or something, and I hear that shit is going off on the original camera, so I click back and get to his and after loading I just see his death camera. In chat everyone is talking about how cool it was and everyone is laughing. It was like stepping out of the room during Game of Thrones and someone gets the ax, but no one wants to rewind to see it. So anyway with 6 people it gets kind of horrible to manage switching back and forth between screens and do it in a timely manner. There is another thing that is a little messed up and that is Chat.  I know when you switch views when on the ‘Main’ Camera it will keep the chat synced but when you directly go to another video from the URL posted in the comments, I don’t think it is the same chat.  Either way If I could get a Unified Chat experience in there, I think that would be a big learning area.

So of course I looked to see if there was something out there that already did this, and there was! Problem is that it didn’t do them all. It was a bare bones app and didn’t meet my purposes. So I decided to make my own.

Here are the list of goals I have for the app

  • See all views at once
  • Have one big Main window and others be able to select in a sidebar (kind of like how they have now, but no load time between angles)
  • Ability to show 2 or the max amount of cameras at once
  • Ability to have them arrange in the web view to show a grid (2×3, 6×1, etc.)
  • Universal Controls for all videos
  • Unified Chat throughout all videos
  • Ability to save videos to the site so that when people come in they can search to see if someone has already set something up
  • Work on Mobile (YouTube currently doesn’t support multiple cameras on mobile)

That’s basically the idea.  Have a place to watch multiple angles, allows chat throughout all the angles, allows me to switch easily, control all videos with Universal controls, and save video settings so people can just watch from a url you already made.

I will be working on this when it is not feasible to work on my game, or when I just don’t want to work on it. I have no release date for this, and plan to release it when it is “finished” with the above points addressed.

Can this be used for other things than Let’s play videos, sure.  For right now though I am just making it for that and hopefully it can catch on 🙂

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