FPS Monday Update

by Willon 07/31/2017
Not much happened to the site as a whole over the weekend.  I didn’t get that game stopping bug fixed in my game until this morning so I won’t be able to have a new Alpha version out until this Friday.  I just need to do a couple more animations and some prettying up and […]

RPG #8 – Accountability

by Willon 07/27/2017
Look at this, three in a row!  Today I babble on about Amiibo, talk a little about the stream app I want to make, and a little bit about everything.  It’s been a while so I ramble a lot :). I always struggled on what kind of Podcast this would be and I think I […]

2L8 Review – Assassin’s Creed: Unity

by Willon 07/26/2017
Well I have finally been getting back into gaming now that my daughter is a little older and she can entertain herself with the dog, I feel I can sit back and enjoy some of the games that I have bought and tried to play but couldn’t (or wouldn’t depending on how you look at […]

Web App Idea

by Willon 07/25/2017
So I want to address something first.  I know I come up with many ideas.  I know I say “I have a new project” often.  I like to learn and try new things.  Once I realize that it won’t work, or it fails to solve a problem I have then I basically abandon it.  Look […]

FPS Monday Update

by Willon 07/24/2017
Heyo! Wanted to start doing a weekly update so I could keep myself accountable, and to keep the site relevant to myself.  I have been lacking posting the last couple of weeks, but that is because I have been doing way too much other things.  Summer is super hard to just code because we want […]