Drop Spin: Alpha Feedback

by on 06/26/2017

Hello all you crazy people!

Just got done reading through all the feedback I got on Drop Spin and would like to address some of it publically. One critique I got a lot was that the mechanic was hard to observe, even with the video tutorial.  I know it is a little tricky, but when I add in the tutorial level as well as animations so you can see what is happening, I think this will all click.

The next most common opinion I got was that there needed to be more to do.  I am adding power ups as we speak for the Beta release, as well as adding some de-buffs to each level.  That means that you will have a hindrances and it will be harder to solve some rows.  Some examples are you could be able to reactivate a row after you exhaust it’s move, or make time slow down, things like that.  De-buffs can be things like every 10 seconds (arbitrary number) the row will auto drop even if you have touched all the other rows or not.  This will force you to work faster than you are used to.

The last most gripe I got about the game was that the difficulty curve was not there.  I knew there was going to be some tweaking to this, and just wanted to get a feasible amount of levels in the game. I will be playing with those numbers to make it challenging and fun.

I’m glad that a lot of people were able to let me know what they thought and had fun playing the game.  It’s nice to know it’s not a complete potato!

Anyway, the beta is scheduled for this year still with a Q4 release.  Really think I can get some of that Christmas money and compete with all those other AAA games (obvious sarcasm!).

I will gladly take an more criticism on the game, I’m a big boy I can take a little negativity.  If I keep getting complements I’m gonna turn into a Phil Fish 🙂

I do also have some other things in the works to hopefully be announced/released this year as well. I think one of them will be a re-launch of the Podcast.  I learned a lot from the 7 or so episodes I did, and think that I can keep that going.

That’s it for now.

Stay sane, but do mental things!

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