Where have I been 2

by on 06/08/2017

So here I am again, in the same boat I was a couple months ago. So what happened? Well life happened.  I just was taking too much of my free time working on this site, my game, and other content that I couldn’t do anything else I wanted to.  That or I couldn’t/didn’t meet deadlines for this site and something was going to have to give, and it wasn’t going to be my home or family.  I also got super inspired and got my game from concept to alpha, so that’s cool!

I also learned a lot from trying to make videos and podcasts.  I learned that making a video isn’t as simple as it sounds, it actually takes a LOT of time.  I also learned that it is pretty awkward to just talk to yourself when playing a game.  The videos I was trying to make was trying to be a different kind of “Let’s Play” video by finding problems in the game.  That kind of video was really not that entertaining to watch, at all.  Think about just watching someone test a game, making sure menu buttons work, looking at seams in the world, testing mechanics. Really doesn’t sound all that cool does it.  I like the idea, but think I need to incorporate what I learned into a different type of video.  It also took a fair amount of time to edit videos.  I think one video took me 3 hours to finally get together, which isn’t too bad, but I planned on doing one per day.  I don’t have that time…

Also the other thing was that I was reliant on a cloud PC gaming service called Liquid Sky.  When I was trying ‘Sword with Sauce’ the system itself was laggy, so my game was laggy and I couldn’t play the game. So now by having that my creation stack was super complex. I need to take that part out so I don’t have to fight with a laggy server.

I also learned a bunch about audio recording, file size, and podcast rss feeds. Many things that I can take with me to the next iteration of this site, but I don’t think it is good enough to continue on just by myself.  One thing I didn’t do was promote the Podcast at all.  I didn’t even tell my friends I was doing one.  So next time for sure gonna do that, and also get a couple more people to do it with me.  Being by myself was a little cool, but I think I would do better with others, just like my videos.

Finally I wouldn’t call this a failure, but just a learning experience. Sure I missed keeping deadlines on producing content, but I think for the amount of work that I was doing I did fine. I need to pull back the scope of the site and just start adding things as more people start to help out.

So this is either a see you later post, or a it’s been fun post.  Either way I’ll keep doing my games, and I’ll still post occasionally (probably start with some E3 stuff next week), but as for Content I’m gonna hold off.

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