Drop Spin: Alpha Feedback

by Willon 06/26/2017
Hello all you crazy people! Just got done reading through all the feedback I got on Drop Spin and would like to address some of it publically. One critique I got a lot was that the mechanic was hard to observe, even with the video tutorial.  I know it is a little tricky, but when […]

Drop Spin Alpha

by Willon 06/23/2017
This isn’t the grand thing I wanted to put out for my first game, but you need to start somewhere.  Even if this thing isn’t too fun I am still going to release it.  I feel I need to get over that hump of release, plus then I can actually call myself a game designer! […]

Where have I been 2

by Willon 06/08/2017
So here I am again, in the same boat I was a couple months ago. So what happened? Well life happened.  I just was taking too much of my free time working on this site, my game, and other content that I couldn’t do anything else I wanted to.  That or I couldn’t/didn’t meet deadlines […]