Alpha Bits Episode #2.1 Guts and Glory

by on 05/22/2017

So here we are again, 4 weeks into this Alpha bits thing and only one game has released.  There are many different reasons why this is happening, but mostly because I am trying to make these videos entertaining as well as informative and it is really hard… So I think starting with Guts and Glory I am going to play these games with the intent to entertain and when something horrible happens (bug, feature, mechanic, what have you) I will make note of it and highlight it in either a different video or the end of the video.

I think how I will continue with this series is going to show a preview on Monday, a game play video on Wednesday, and then a final verdict/analysis on Friday.  If the game warrants another play through or more time to play it I will do that on other days and just release them on Saturday, I’ll call that my continued analysis day or something. So a game like Die Young where it has turned out to be longer than expected, will come out with more and more parts on Saturday.  If I get another game that deserves more play time I will just alternate. Enough of the boring stuff, on to the new Alpha Game!

This week I am looking at a remake, reimagining, or whatever you want to call it of an internet classic game called “Guts and Glory”.  This is a play on an older game called “Happy Wheels” which I can kind of say launched the careers of many different YouTubers.  One of the reasons so many people played it was the custom levels that were made by players.  They could upload the levels, and just get new content to YouTubers, it was a win/win for everyone.  The vicious cycle was YouTuber plays level which has a username or something in it so they get a “shout out” in a popular video.  This leads to more people creating levels to get their 5 seconds of internet fame, which leads to more people buying and playing the game, which leads to more levels for the YouTuber.  This was the cycle for a while and then it just kind of fell off.

Enter Guts and Glory, a 3D spiritual successor of Happy Wheels.  In the video they even had the same characters and traps.  So the basic premise of the game is to get your character (or at least most of them) to the finish while trying to keep most of them intact. Throughout the level they can be harpooned, shot with an arrow, blown up, chopped, or cut to little pieces by traps and the environment. Each character, if it is the same play style as Happy Wheels, will play slightly different and will give a different experience for the same level.

I like the idea, heck when I saw Happy Wheels for the first time I thought of making this game.  We’ll see how it plays out.  Videos to come later this week, but while you wait look here is the trailer:

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