Alpha Bits – #1.1 Die Young First Impressions

by on 05/11/2017

Well hello all you happy people!!

Today I am proud to present the first of many videos in the Alpha Bits series.  In the video I go over the game basics but then soon realize that the game is a lot bigger than I originally thought.  This is definitely going to be a series for this game, so buckle in and let’s see if I can get off the island together, but more importantly finding bugs, problems, and help the devs make the best game that they can.

I’ll try to find a place to submit the problems I find, but I may just have to type up an article, email, or Tweet at the developers. Can’t wait to get involved in such a great looking/running game!

Just a reminder that I am playing this on a Cloud Gaming PC using Liquid Sky as the service.  I do this because I can’t play games on my laptop worthy enough to record and show people.  I can play them and be fine with them, but I would rather have a beefy computer with enough power to push the game so that people can watch and hopefully see what I am seeing in the game.

Anyway if you dig the video feel free to share, no pressure.  If you play this game remember to send in the bugs or issues you have with it so the devs know there is a problem.  Even if it is a small thing, chances are someone else has had that issue as well, but no one ever talks about it so it won’t get fixed.  If anything it may open discussions around a table to try and fix a bigger issue that is causing the problem you have.  Just remember games are huge programs that take many people to develop and make work, some things go unseen, some try to get hidden but if we don’t bring them up they stay in.

  • Weird water artifact
  • Swimming animation
  • Find a water source, maybe reword that
  • Turn quick and see model of self
  • Load in audio setting
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