Alpha Bits #1: Preview – Hello Neighbor Update 2

by on 05/02/2017

It is time to say goodbye to Hello Neighbor and go on to the next Alpha game.  Apparently these guys don’t want me to buy their alpha, because the process is really weird.  I went to go purchase it on the site, which then brought me to Humble Bundle, which then needed my Amazon Credentials (how I usually pay on Humble Bundle) then it needed to be approved by a member of their customer service team… What!!??  I just wanted to get a game, why does it need to be approved?

This isn’t the first time me and Humble Bundle have clashed.  The first time was getting their humble monthly bundle for a friend and not getting the game I got.  It’s a weird situation and I will go over it in the next RPG.  So anyway I wasn’t approved in a timely manner, I only have so many hours to play games and just hang out, so I canceled my order an I will be moving on to the next game.  This one I already have installed and ready to go, so hopefully that will be ready to play.

So for now we are still on Episode 1, but just a different game.

I just saw on their site that Alpha 4 will be out on May 4th, so maybe I’ll try again to see if I can get it then.  For now it is on hold, but would love to come back and try it again.

Look for a new/first episode coming on Monday, with a new preview coming on Thursday.