Alpha Bits #1: Preview – Hello Neighbor Update

by on 04/25/2017

So I found out this morning that making a video isn’t as cut and dry as I thought it was going to be, so the video will be delayed until Monday.  I know there are literally thousands of you out there that will probably die now because the video isn’t out, but just hold out for a couple more days..

I started to find little things wrong with the recording, audio, and even the PC I was using and I couldn’t put out sub par work.  Plus I would like to have a title card/intro for the series so I will have to look into that as well.  Just to make it a little more professional. The days of just throwing content up without any editing, post production, or effects is over.  If I want to get people to look at my videos I will have to step it up and make sure they are as quality as I can make them.

Monday will be the normal scheduled release date of Alpha Bits anyway, so it will be a good way to get into the routine.

Last note is that instead of doing Alpha 1 (which I have recorded 3 times now) I am going to pay for the newest build and do that one. I started to realize that all of my critiques will probably be fixed in a newer version and it doesn’t pay to waste all of our time in looking into them.  So if I am going to use this series as a tool to help out developers, I will need to get the newest version of code.

Hope you view it and can’t wait to release it.