Alpha Bits #1: Preview – Hello Neighbor

by on 04/19/2017

Horror, Stealth, and Action games are probably my favorite kinds of video games.  I really enjoy the Thief series, Hitman, and Assassin’s Creed series, AC for more of the action. But nothing compares to diving off a huge cathedral to impale your target.  Horror games lately have gone more towards the jump scare and tend to get away from atmospheric horror.  I think Gone Home was a far better Horror game than most of them out there today and it wasn’t even a Horror Game!  Anyway, that itch was scratched when I played PT, and again when Resident Evil came out.  Hopefully this one can scratch it again, because there are so few experiences we get to see like this.  So then also not only to be a horror game, but to also be a stealth game as well.  I can’t wait to hide, misdirect, and deceive my “Neighbor”.  I also like how one of the features is “Tense Gameplay”  that again makes me happy.  So here is just a taste of what Hello Neighbor is, then I will do a video, and a review/wrap-up article at the end of the week. If and when a new version of the game is released I will do a recap to see what is different and if the overall game state is better (which it probably should be, but we all know that shit happens).

Hello Neighbor is described on the website as a “Stealth Horror game about sneaking into your neighbor’s house”.  You move into a new neighborhood and realize that your new neighbor is hiding something in his basement.  So like any logical person you decide to break into his house and see what it is.  Again the game is said to be extremely tense, which is the kind of horror I love.  If the atmosphere is there as well this may be as good as PT.  The thing that I really love, other than the Cartoon like art style, is that the AI learns from what you do.  So you just can’t take the same path each time you play the game.

On the flip side, hopefully the game just dons’t end when you get to the basement, or there are other things to try to discover.  I think $30 is pretty steep to just try and trick an AI, but we will see with the free Pre-Alpha. The game’s website says the Pre-Alpha comes with:

  • Features core gameplay
  • Only a few mechanics
  • Fraction of what the full game will be
  • Non-final artwork
  • Only 64 bit Windows
  • Ends when you arrive at the basement.

Ever since this game has come on my radar I have deeply wanted to play it.  Hopefully it will hold up to what I have built up in my head.

This game is developed in Unreal and should release late 2017.

Download the Pre-Alpha – http://HelloNeighborGame.com
Wishlist on Steam – http://store.steampowered.com/app/521890



Video to most likely come on Saturday or Sunday.  I am having some technical difficulties.

Video to come Friday.