#1 Loaded

by on 04/13/2017

So it was kind of inevitable that I would do a podcast right… I mean everyone who has a mouth, a mic, and an opinion has one of these now a days so I felt like my opinion is probably just about as good as anyone else’s.  So sit back and laugh with me for about an hour. I aim to talk about the geekier side of life, but tend to go everywhere. I once gave advice to a pair of podcasters that they need to stick to what they want to talk about, and after I finally did my own it is freaking tough!! It’s just super hard to just stay on target when there is so much that can be said… Anyway I know now why it can be hard to talk about what you want.

Anyway, I had fun doing this and hope you have fun hearing it.  Any feedback is always welcome but never expected.  Share if you can, and I’ll talk at you again next week.