#4 – Contradiction

by Willon 04/28/2017
Well just a week in and I’m already late for a podcast, and a video. Not too good of a start, but better late than never. Hopefully in the coming days I can get a process so this doesn’t happen again. This week I talk about the rumored SNES release, Fast and the Furious, and […]

Alpha Bits #1: Preview – Hello Neighbor Update

by Willon 04/25/2017
So I found out this morning that making a video isn’t as cut and dry as I thought it was going to be, so the video will be delayed until Monday.  I know there are literally thousands of you out there that will probably die now because the video isn’t out, but just hold out […]

#3 Keeping on Track

by Willon 04/20/2017
Hey look at this, three weeks in a row and I’m still doing this! Hopefully your week is awesome! This week I try to keep on track with talking about some graphics cards, I fix how to create and maintain a recipe site, and just all the things I think I need to talk about […]

Alpha Bits #1: Preview – Hello Neighbor

by Willon 04/19/2017
Horror, Stealth, and Action games are probably my favorite kinds of video games.  I really enjoy the Thief series, Hitman, and Assassin’s Creed series, AC for more of the action. But nothing compares to diving off a huge cathedral to impale your target.  Horror games lately have gone more towards the jump scare and tend […]

#1 Loaded

by Willon 04/13/2017
So it was kind of inevitable that I would do a podcast right… I mean everyone who has a mouth, a mic, and an opinion has one of these now a days so I felt like my opinion is probably just about as good as anyone else’s.  So sit back and laugh with me for […]

#2 Locked

by Willon 04/13/2017
A new episode of the RPG is out today!  Come with me on an adventure to see if I can remember what I was talking about at least 2 times during this episode. Being new to podcasts I learned the hard way that you can lose an audio file.  This happened to me, and I’m […]