Where have I been?

by on 03/30/2017

So its been a while since I wrote anything or did any game development.  Just had some things going on at home that made it pretty hard to squeeze this in.  My wife and I redid our kitchen and are still in the process, but now I don’t have to do plumbing, electrical or sheet rock anymore (Thanks Jon for the help :)) Now that the hard stuff is behind me and I will start to have time to write articles and write code I figured I’d send an update out as well.

So after a bunch of thinking while away from this and my game I think I am going to change formats, again…. I was planning on this being a site where I would have reviews and a whole bunch of other things but I think that I want to spend more if not most of my time on game development.  I want to have a website where I can voice what I want, but I want to make games even more.  So going forward I will only be doing my game development updates, small weekly video series, and if I’m lucky a podcast. I used to do opinion articles, but I really think if I do that as well as a podcast I would be repeating myself a lot.  It’s easier for my to speak what I mean anyway instead of write it out.  So look for that in the future.

I want to do a video series on games in Alpha, Indie Games, and just some games that might not get a lot of publicity.  I won’t be doing this for the “Let’s Play” content but rather tackle each game from a developer perspective and try to take apart the game and understand why they made certain decisions.  Like an art critic but way less turtle neck and maybe half the douchiness.  I would also like to see other people’s work.  I know how long it can take to make a game and hope that someone can appreciate the time and effort of putting it together. So it is definitely more of a critique or an examination rather than a review.

I am dropping the music thing from my site and will just continue to recommend things on Twitter when I get hear something I like.  It started to feel really artificial so I didn’t want to write it.  I was trying to do things that were new and just releasing to try and get some clicks off of that, but I think that when I pick out music it should be something that I really enjoy, not just because it is the newest and more popular thing out there.  So no more OSTM articles.

The other thing that is changing is my game I am making. I have decided to stop work on Project Pumpernickel and instead I am going to start to work on a mobile puzzle game that I think I can get done fairly quickly.  I will target iOS and Android, but Android first because that is what platform I currently have.  I also am going to lower my scope for the games I make, I’m just one dude and can’t think I am going to make the next Skyrim/MineCraft game with developing by myself, not part time anyway. I wanted to make the game that would be the go to game when getting a Google Daydream, but I think I just need some more time to flush out what I actually want in that game.  I was caught up with adding more features and mechanics to the game that it would be very unlikely that I would finish it in a timely manner.  So I am going through a process to refine my ideas and see if I can trim some of the fat off that game before I commit to it again.  I think once I get one out there this will be a better process.

Anyway what I’m really getting at is that I am cluster minded, forgetful, and honestly sometimes lazy. I have a sporadic mind and get bored too quickly with things.  This is my written promise to myself that I will try very hard to keep a routine with this and development.  I really want to make games, I have the skills and the means just sometimes not the drive.  I need to find that drive and think I can do that through this.  Even if no one reads or comments on anything I write, as long as I think I have an audience that is frothing at the mouth for more content I will continue to do so.

My goal for this site this year was to have 100 hundred articles.  I have 17 including this one, which means I have 83 more to go.  If I stick to 2 articles per week with a bonus article here and there this is very doable.  If I can think of something else to write and article about I can pump it up to 3 per week and crush that goal. Here’s hoping that I can do it!

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