Where have I been?

by Willon 03/30/2017
So its been a while since I wrote anything or did any game development.  Just had some things going on at home that made it pretty hard to squeeze this in.  My wife and I redid our kitchen and are still in the process, but now I don’t have to do plumbing, electrical or sheet […]

Multiple platforms, one game

by Willon 03/07/2017
This topic came up on one of my friends Facebook feeds the other day when he was talking about wanting to play through Mass Effect again on PC to check out some of the mods that are available.  Turns out that he already owns but to repurchase all of the games and DLC it would […]

Legend of Zelda – OSTMonday

by Willon 03/06/2017
First off I would like to do some house cleaning.  OSTM is now OSTMonday.  The reason being is that I use #OSTM with my posts and I thought that would be a little unique.  It turns out there is another entity that uses that, the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM) and I feel we are […]

Lego Ideas

by Willon 03/01/2017
  Lego has announced their 2nd quarter 2016 Lego Idea finalists, along with which one is going to be released as a set.  For a little background, Lego has a submission process to have an idea made into a Lego set called Lego Ideas.  Basically you just make the build, submit it, and if it […]