Update Alpha 0.01 – Name and UI

by on 02/16/2017

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick update as to what is going on with my game, Project Phantasm. I’ve finished basic movement (not going to use teleportation) and now I think I’m going to work on the UI framework.  Like I have said before I really haven’t made a published game so I didn’t know where to start or what order works, but whenever I made pages for a website I would come up with what they would do on paper, then come up with the design on the page, then make the page work.  I figured if I can get the UI down then my little character can start to feel like they are in a game, which helps me out.  It isn’t going to be anything that is final, but just wanted something more to switch weapons, use items, etc.

I wanted something that was intuitive and familiar to the player so I am thinking about doing the menu like Ocarina of Time.  Simple and gets the job done.  Being in VR I will have to make sure that it doesn’t clip in the environment, but that is simple enough to do with Unity’s built in camera and UI system. I also have to figure out if I want the game to be in real time, or pause when the player goes into the menu.  Certain things have to take place if I try one thing vs the other.

My biggest hurdle is trying to get to understand the UI System with Google Daydream.  It isn’t as forward as I thought it was going to be and the included example is a little rough to understand.  Just have to look into the source and figure it out though right? Right! Hopefully I can get the basics done and in an Alpha stage so I can move on to level design.  Once I get my character moving with UI and in a level I think it will start to come together even faster.  Since it will feel like the character is in a game instead of just a demo scene.

My plans for future iterations are get this done within the next week. Then after that start to create the first 2 levels.  One being a tutorial starting level or “Hub Level” and the other being the first dungeon level. This should take a month or two to finalize.  I’ll share updates and web demos along the way (If that is possible with VR).

I’ll share some images and such on Saturday when I get the UI done.

Thanks for reading!

Oh! Almost forgot I wanted to start including what Assets I use from the Unity Asset Store.  I wanted to do this to be transparent to the players, but also to showcase what some of these can do!

As of now I am only using the Google Daydream SDK for Unity, and some custom code.


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