Season Passes – The Way they Should Be

by Willon 02/28/2017
I suppose we can get this out of the way.  I don’t really care that much for season passes.  I have only bought 2, and I feel it was more because they came with a collector’s edition.  One for Borderlands 2, and the other was Destiny.  Anyway I think they are a waste of money, […]

Xbox Game Pass

by Willon 02/28/2017
[Update] Looks like the original news article says how much it is.  [Original below] So today Microsoft announced a thing called Xbox Game Pass.  This is essentially a Netflix like subscription service that will allow anyone, regardless if you have Xbox Live Gold or not, to pay for a monthly fee for a games service. […]

Update Alpha 0.01 – Name and UI

by Willon 02/16/2017
Hey Everyone! Just a quick update as to what is going on with my game, Project Phantasm. I’ve finished basic movement (not going to use teleportation) and now I think I’m going to work on the UI framework.  Like I have said before I really haven’t made a published game so I didn’t know where […]

For Honor OST

by Willon 02/13/2017
UPDATE: Updated links below to add Google Play Music Album and correct Spotify link, before it was going to the released single. Now the album is released on Spotify. I was able to play the beta for this game on Saturday and let me tell you that the music is quite immersive!  Not only does […]

Digital or Physical

by Willon 02/08/2017
Ever since the Xbox One was announced and they said it was going to be digital only I have been really excited to finally get rid of my physical disc collection.  My music collection has been this way for quite a while now and I am just getting all of my movies in the cloud […]

Collect or Die – Review

by Willon 02/03/2017
Well here it is folks my first review! And I can’t think of a better game to review on than ‘Collect or Die’ from ‘Super Smith Bros’.  I started to follow these guys in 2015 some time because I saw that they can make quality mobile games.  So among the other followers on twitter I kind […]