New Project

by on 01/28/2017

I have been trying to make an indie game for the better part of 6 years now.  I have made many, many playable games but just have never released any.  I have learned a lot about the game engine I use, Unity, as well as the entire game pipeline.  From texturing to animation to physics to particle systems, I think I can pretty much do it all in a basic form.  I have committed to making a horror title called ‘DepartMental’ a while ago, but I think in it’s current state I wouldn’t be happy with continuing.  Very bluntly for the game to work I need to pick an art style, and the one I want to go with is out of my reach.  So I think I need to scale it back a bit and think of how I would like to continue on.  For now that game will be on hold until I figure it out.

So I have already talked about his on social I just wanted to put it down on my site as well.  I am making an action/adventure game for the Google Daydream.  I have it all laid out and the design document is almost finished.  I just need to do some tweaking as I go and I think I could get it done by the end of winter, well the first part.  I’m going to make this game be in episodes.  The first will come out this year, hopefully, then the rest will come out a few months after.  I’m using the first episode to judge if this is a viable thing, or if I should just go back to DepartMental.  So basically the first level will showcase everything and if people like that and want to do more of it I will make more, but if not then I’ll just call that one done.

Hopefully next month I will have more than the one ambiguous screenshot to share.  I have put in basic player movement and have him holding and swinging a placeholder item for the sword.  So nothing too much, but a good start.  Next month I am going to put in menus and hopefully some animations, levels, and either final or placeholder meshes for all the items/weapons in the game.  The idea then would be to make those things work with code as I either find a modeler or look on the Unity Asset store for something that would work.

Anyway some new things coming out and hopefully this year I can actually release a game!

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