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by on 01/13/2017

With all of the talk today about it being Friday the 13th I figured I would do my bit into latching on to the “Holiday”.  Today I want to talk about the new game that is coming out this summer, or if they were really smart October Friday 13th (I think the movie comes out that day as well).  So whenever it comes out it will be an asymmetrical survival horror game where 7 people play as camp counselor and someone (finally) gets to play as everyone’s favorite misunderstood little boy, Jason Vorhees. From their website it reads:

Friday the 13th: The Game is a third-person horror, survival game where players take on the role of a teen counselor, or for the first time ever, Jason Voorhees. You and six other unlucky souls will do everything possible to escape and survive while the most well-known killer in the world tracks you down and brutally slaughters you.- http://f13game.com/#section-about-brooklyn 

These kind of Asymmetrical games, like Evolve and Dead by Daylight, are super fun to play (and watch being played).  Though they can get kind of one sided if you have an experienced player.  So the basic gist of the game is that as the counselors you will have to escape, survive until time runs out or kill Jason.  The later of the three options is said to be very difficult. The other playable character is Jason, which his objective is to make everyone dead.  The site says that they take inspiration from the movies so we will definitely see Camp Crystal Lake, but hopefully we get to see some other great locations as well.  Many people are praising this game, as was I, until the latest trailer came out yesterday.

In all honesty this was the first gameplay trailer I have seen, and I just feel that it doesn’t live up to what this game could be.  I see this being another ‘Alien: Colonial Marines’ or ‘Walking Dead: Survival Instinct’, instead of being something glorious like any of the ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ games.  Before I continue on let me just clarify that I know it is still in production and I should take that into consideration, but they are the ones putting out footage of gameplay so I feel that I can make that decision based on that.  When I watched the Jason side of the game, it seemed very dull and boring.  There is only one really good part in it and you will have to watch to see, which I feel was a scripted event and not something that would likely happen in actual gameplay.  I get why they made some of the decisions they did, but really don’t think they will be all that fun. The teleporting he can do looks like it has come a long way, but also looks like it still needs some work.  I don’t agree how Jason should be able to teleport right next to a character, that seems cheap to me.

I had to watch other videos to find some of the executions that Jason has, and they are gruesome but not as crazy as I thought they would be (linked below).  I really wish they would have made this as crazy with gore and over the top as the movies, although they are still pretty crazy.  Maybe I have become a little desensitized by watching all the horror movies I have seem, but nothing seen there made me cringe.  I would love to be proven wrong when I play the game.  I get that I haven’t seen all the deaths, but they should maybe give me a look at one or two to keep me interested.

On the other hand in another video I watched by IGN (linked below) playing as a counselor looked super fun! The anticipation of meeting up with Jason and the build up to that inevitable battle between you and your friends and the monster. It looks like if you use in game chatting and not something like TeamSpeak or Discord, you can only talk to your fellow survivors when you get walkie talkies. That adds to the overall fear and tension to the game and is what you need! I’m sure there is some kind of proximity chat as well, because two people were next to each other and could talk.

Then later in the video they had a list of objectives for the players to accomplish to escape. This is also a good thing because then Jason can’t just camp the only exit and he has to move around to look for his prey.

The last thing I saw that was pretty cool and looked fun for the survivors was that they had to collect items, repair power, and essentially be a team to survive this horror.

All of this really makes it feel like it would be really fun as the campers, but not as Jason.  I don’t think a game like this should feel like that though.  This game should make Jason’s part be the better experience of the two. Now I may be proven wrong when I play the game, but for right now this looks to be a half made game that still needs to win me over for me to enjoy it for more than a couple plays. I also would like to see a perk system, or the campers getting certain skills as well.  They might, I just haven’t seen it anywhere.

I really want this game to be really fun, and maybe it is.  I still haven’t played it and I would love to see more videos and gameplay, but from the latest video that they released it looks just like a generic horror game.  Something that holds the weight of a Juggernaut of a franchise should hold up with today’s game standards. The game does have a good start, and they still have a lot of time to make those last tweaks to make this game great.  I would love to see a little bit better teleporting, and also more original kills.  Like I mentioned, I still haven’t played so maybe before this comes out I can eat my words and praise game for being the best multiplayer game of the year. For now it just looks like another movie game that will underwhelm and underachieve.

Anyway still have some time before this game comes out.

This game has gone through a lot of changes and has a lot of history.  Next article I will talk more about that, stay tuned!

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