OSTM (Official Soundtrack Monday)

by on 01/10/2017

Well the first post did way better than I thought it would, thanks for everyone who is reading and I did get some good feedback so far! Keep it coming 🙂

One of the things I love to do as a developer and a creative person is get lost in my favorite music soundtracks while I work, develop, or even just hang out.  Thing is that I was stuck on the same three, which by no means is a bad thing.  I just wanted to hear more from different composers and see what else is out there.  About over a year ago I asked the folks who follow #indiedev what kind of music they like to listen to.  I got a lot of great responses and fell in love with some really good music.  Since then every Monday I have been finding a new album and tweeting it out with #OSTM, which as stated above is Official Soundtrack Monday. Now that I have my site up and running I will also be writing a little bit about the composer, what else they have composed, and where to stream/buy the music.  I say buy it because this isn’t 1998 anymore, music is everywhere and we should support the artist and not just torrent. If a person prefers to just stream though there are plenty of places to find music, paid and free.  I’ll try to highlight some of the more popular places to stream as well as post to playlists so it is easy for people to just click and listen.

I started this with the intention of only doing video game soundtracks, but I found that there are a bunch of movies out there (not just Blockbusters) that have amazing music too.  I feel that I should try to appreciate them as well. The main goal of this is to try to help someone find new music if they are stuck in a loop like I was, and to maybe get someone to listen to a piece of music that they would usually never care about.

So just a heads up there will be at least 1 new post every week which will contain some music in it.  If you can please share and maybe we can help someone on their Monday.  I will start this up again next week after taking a couple weeks of for the holidays.

There will also be an update to the site to have the OSTM be it’s own category, which will have a history and some other things in it. Thanks for reading!

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