by on 01/06/2017

Hey everyone!! Or more realistically, Hi Mom 🙂

Just wanted to finally get a post out there to say that I am finally up and running with the site, although it is very blank and bland right now.  I will start to try and regularly update it so I can get it to look a bit better and to get some more experience with writing.  Feel free to send me notes or pointers on how I write, format, or generally do things.  I love to learn!!

Anyway I guess I just want to talk about where I see this site going and what I am going to do to get it there.  First I will have this just be a Blog for my first game, Into Shadows.  This game is a Google Daydream exclusive that I am making to just get a feel for 3D games.  If all goes well I will then start to work on my horror game.  I also want to write some opinion articles, some columns that I want to do weekly, and if I can squeeze it in I would love to write reviews for games and movies.  To do this I have created a list of ideas I want to write about and I think I am going to do them a week in advance.  So my first “real” article will be out somewhere by the end of January or beginning of February.  To keep updated on the game I will start to communicate what I do in the week, even if it is the smallest thing.  This will give me a record of what I have been doing, as well as keep the 1 or 2 people who would be interested in the game up to date. Lastly if I can squeeze in a review I would love for it to be as thorough as possible so for now these will be pushed out.

I thought at one point in life I wanted to be a news site as well, but there are already so many copy/paste websites out there that I really only go to one or two trusted (and I say that lightly) sources for my gaming/tech news.  It just feels like someone writes the article and everyone just piggy backs off of that one.  There is no fact checking, no investigation, just straight plagiarism.

I have a whole slew of ideas I want to do, but I have a real 9-5 and this is just a hobby. If one day I get to do this full time then all of those ideas will come into scope, for now I’m just another asshole with a keyboard on the internet with a couple bucks to through up a blog. I don’t like comments on articles, it feels stupid to me.  Especially now that everyone just flies to 100 with the toxicity.  If you want to comment on something I write please drop me a line, tweet @ me, send me a Facebook message.  If I think I can talk about it more I will write another article and if it is a good enough point to have a conversation about it we can do an interview or something.  Best way to try and make the internet a better place is to keep the trolls under the bridge.

I finally made it a ways up, but there is still a long way to go..


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